10 Fun things To Do if You’re Bored while Self-Isolating!

Are you bored in self-isolation?

Following Boris Johnson’s announcement of prolonged social distancing, it is easy to feel daunted, disillusioned, bored and drained at the prospect of spending even more time in your home. As lock-down continues and many of us remain house bound, self-isolating, it is important to keep busy too keep the boredom at bay.

So we at ZeroWater want to give you a helpful list of fun, creative and practical things to do to stay busy and bring your family together while self-isolating.

Young boy wondering how he can fill his dairy with fun things to do while in self-isolation.

Wondering how to fill your dairy with fun things to do while in self-isolation?

10 Fun, Creative & Practical Things to keep Your Family Busy during Lock-Down.

  1. Baking is a great way to get the whole family together, get your hands messy and work together to produce a yummy treat at the end. So throw on your aprons and try your hand at banana bread, cookies, brownies or a classic lemon drizzle.

    Face the facts, it just Tastes so much Better when You’ve made it Yourself!

    You can even make it competitive and host your own Great British Bake Off, each family member can make a different confectionary, and the most delicious creation wins! When you’re done, share a picture of your tasty treat on social media, share your recipe, share your joy and connect with others in need of a little pick me up!

  2. So many of us are missing our favourite restaurants. So why not try recreating your favourite restaurant meal at home. Cooking together is another wonderful way to bond as a family, it takes the stress off of just one person cooking for everyone and you can make something super yummy for dinner! My suggestion is that you try out Wagamama’s recipe for their famous, mouth-watering Katsu Curry!

    These wonderful dishes were created by a teenager, a Junior Master Chef I know all to well.

  3. Homework outs are really good way to keep your moving, and keep fit while housebound. You can even get the whole family involved by watching and following energetic work out videos on YouTube right in your own living room. Check out P.E. with Joe Wicks to get your heart pumping and the kids jumping about. On the other hand, you can follow calm and relaxing yoga videos to stretch your muscles and ease anxiety. Read our ‘Easy tips and tricks on how to stay healthy in self isolation’ article for more advice on how to stay fit and healthy while housebound. Remember, its important while exercising or even just working from home that you stay hydrated. When you are sat at home all day everyday, it’s easy to forget to drink the 2 litres of water you need to consume a day to ensure that you are healthy and hydrated. Hydration will make sure that your body feels energised and your mind stays sharp throughout your self-isolation. To ensure you’re consuming the purest tasting, contaminant free water, you should contemplate investing in a water filter. For more information on the benefits of owning a water filter, read our previous article answering frequently asked questions about water filters.
    Stay fit at home while in Self-Isolation

    Stay @ home, fit and hydrated with ZeroWater while exercising in Self-Isolation!


  4. It’s important to take care of our mental health as well as our physical health during this time. So make sure you stay in contact and connected with our friends and family during this uncertain, and isolating time. So why not do weekly virtual hang outs over Zoom or FaceTime with your friends and family. A fun thing to do during these Zoom calls is to prepare a quiz round each and face off against the family – from general knowledge, to geography to celebrity facts, now is the perfect time to test peoples trivia!
  5. Tie dye is a really fun and creative but easy project to take on during self-isolation, for both adults and children! It will jazz up your wardrobe and it’s a chance try something new and artistic! You can purchase quick and easy tie dye kits from Amazon and make a variety of matching colourful and vibrant t-shirts for you and your family!
  6. I’m sure by this point in your self-isolation, you have binged all of your favourite Netflix shows, and seen more films than you can count. So why not mix it up a bit, and catch some of the remarkable, entertaining and thought provoking theatre that is now available, for free, online.
  7. Break the monotony of sitting in the house every night, watching TV and throw a party for your household. Turn off the lights, turn on some cool lamps, play some dance tunes and boogie with your family into the night. Alternatively, you can hang up some blankets, throw some cushions on the floor and build a fort! Whether you’re a child or an adult, a film night is made so much more magical when inside a fort!
  8. Scrapbooking is a lovely, calming hobby to take up during self-isolation, alone or with your children. Print out some pictures of pre-quarantine life, decorate them and put them in an album so you can cherish and commemorate your precious memories in a creative way!
  9. When it’s a sunny day why not have a BBQ with your family in your garden. Fire up your grill, cook some sausages and soak in the sun, a perfect summers day – all from the comfort of your own garden.
  10. And lastly, what a is a BBQ without homemade peach iced tea or some refreshing easily made lemonade. To ensure you have the tastiest lemonade and peach iced tea, you need filtered, contaminant free water. We at ZeroWater provide premium, affordable filters to give you the purest tasting water possible.
Fun things to do while at home in self isolation

Pour yourself a double gin and imagine you’re at the pub. And yes all ‘Cheeky’ girls are allowed to have fun too.

Let ZeroWater be Your Hydration Station during Self-Isolation!

We at ZeroWater want to ensure that you yours stay not only busy but happy, healthy and hydrated during self-isolation.

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It’s up to you to make sure that your family stays as healthy and hydrated as possible while house bound. So don’t delay and invest in your families health with a premium water filer Today!