6 Top Tips on How You can Save Money during Covid-19 and Beyond!

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So many people have taken a financial blow during Covid-19, with so many people unable to go to work and some people have even lost their jobs due to the current social and economic crisis. We at ZeroWater want to help in any way that we can, and provide you a practical list of our top tips on how to save money during the pandemic and beyond!

6 Top Tips on how to Save Money during Covid-19 and Beyond!

  1. Shop around Online to get the Best price!

There are countless, accessible websites online that can be found easily with a simple google search, specifically designed to save you money! These websites track and compare prices in thousands of different shops, and provide you with helpful and insightful reviews to inform your decision.

So you can find the cheapest, most cost effective prices with just a few clicks of a button!

The writer of the useful ‘Be Clever With Your Cash’ blog reveals that “Shopping around for the best price is really easy when you’re doing it online!”

Another nifty way to save money on your online shopping is by joining Honey. Honey is a free browser extension that will scan the internet for relevant discount vouchers, and will apply them to your cart, saving you money instantly! “Never search for voucher codes again. With one click, Honey’s smart shopping assistant will automatically apply every discount to your cart – in seconds.”

  1. Chase up Refunds for Services or Items You can’t use currently.

Cancel or pause your gym membership as well as your subscriptions to restaurant, clubs and any other service that you cannot access presently. As well as this, if you did not use the service before you cancel, give the company a call and get a refund. Don’t waste you money on a service you aren’t using!

Iona Bain, founder of the Young Money blog reassures people that “Consumers who can no longer use products or services due to the lockdown are fully entitled to cash refunds – no ifs, no buts.”

You can also return items that you bought something online during lockdown but when it arrived it is different from described, it does not fit, or is faulty.

Do not hang onto items that you will not use and therefore you will not get your money’s worth, send the item back for a refund!

Get your money back to save or to spend on something else more useful!

Save money by selling your unwanted items on eBay.

Sell your unwanted items on eBay.

  1. Sell Your Unwanted Items

During lockdown many of us have had a good old spring clean! During your time isolating and decluttering, you may have stumbled across items you no longer want.

Do not let these unwanted items linger in your already crowded home. You can sell these items to get them out of your home and make some money at the same time.

You can sell your items easily on Depop, eBay and even Instagram and Facebook!

Save money tip, claim your benefits!

Employee benefits could help your family.

  1. Claim any Benefits that You are Entitled to.

You could be entitled to financial support from the government, but its down to you to research, chase it up and claim the money you need.

Benefits are available for a variety of different personal extenuating circumstances such as: statutory sick pay, employment and support allowance, jobseekers’ allowance, and universal credit.

The support is out there, you just have to look for it and ask for help if you need it!

The following organisations can give you relevant information, guide you and set you off on your path to financial support:

  • Turn2Us is a national charity that offers benefits information, grants and support.
  • Citizens Advice help with benefits, consumer issues and other work and financial matters.
  • Credit unions are locally based, regulated loan and savings membership organisations.
  1. Re-evaluate Your ‘Rainy Day’ Savings.

The current crisis definitely counts as the rainy day you’ve been saving for.

Now is a great time to look into your savings account, check to see if the bank or building society you’re with will give you the best return and interest rates.

After this crisis has passed remember to keep saving. Put aside even just a little bit of money each month and it can make a huge difference when you need it!

If you do not have savings, now is the best time to start scrimping and saving just in case another financial crisis arises in the future!

Ms Bowes from comparison service Savings Champion says that “this situation illustrates the need for everyone to try and put away something.”

  1. Invest in a Water Filter.

Hydration is absolutely key to your physical and mental health – especially during this current health crisis. It’s important to drink the 2 litres of water you need to consume a day to ensure your body is hydrated and you are performing at optimum capacity.

But bottled water is not only expensive but detrimental to the environment.

So how you can ensure that you are consuming the purest tasting, contaminant free water, without buying expensive, unsustainable bottled water?

You should make the worthwhile, long term investment in a water filter!

Save money invest in a water filter jug.

Water filter jugs from ZeroWater can help you safe money.

What are the Long Term Economic Benefits of Water Filters?

Our jugs will filter an average of 123 litres, which works out to 16p a litre per filter, generating a big saving for your family over the long term.

So if you want cost effective ‘totally pure water’, ZeroWater filters will provide you with the purest tasting and economically beneficial water.

For further information on more benefits of owning a water filter, alongside the economic benefits, read our previous article, answering your frequently asked questions about water filters.

We at ZeroWater want to keep You Healthy and Hydrated as well as Save You Money!

We at ZeroWater want to ensure not only that your family stays healthy and hydrated, but we also want to help you save money during this health and economic crisis!Save money by investing nin a water filter jug from ZeroWater

We provide the most effective water filters on the market!

Our filters outperform all other 2-stage filters such as Brita Filters.

While simplistic 2-stage filters are only able remove half of all dissolved solids, our Premium 5-Stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System successfully removes what other filters leave behind.

Our filters are guaranteed to drastically reduce the amount of ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ and contaminants in your water. When tested in accordance with the NSF’s protocol based on a 40 gallon filtration (double the rated usage), ZeroWater reduces 97% of Lead and 99.9% of Chromium from your tap water. They are also third party tested to reduce 96% of Mercury, 93% of Arsenic and 99% of Copper, among many other contaminants.

Our prices start as low as just £14.99 and our best-selling 7 cup jug filter costs only £24.99!

So for a cost effective investment in your families health and hydration, on the go or at home, take a look at ZeroWater’s wide range of products that are guaranteed to save you money in the long term and ensure you and yours are hydrated and happy this summer!