A Clear Difference: My Culligan ZeroWater Experience

A Clear Difference: My Culligan ZeroWater Experience

As someone working in healthcare, I’m really conscious about staying healthy, and that includes drinking clean water and staying hydrated. I’ve tried quite a few water filters over the years, but none significantly improved the taste and purity of my water until I discovered Culligan ZeroWater; it’s been a game-changer! The water tastes great, and the filter even comes with a TDS meter, which measures Total Dissolved Solids to show you just how pure the filtered water is.

Here’s a closer look at why Culligan ZeroWater has become my go-to choice.

Why I Chose Culligan ZeroWater

What sets Culligan ZeroWater apart is its 5-stage filtration process. Unlike typical filters that reduce contaminants, Culligan ZeroWater’s Ion Exchange technology removes virtually all Total Dissolved Solids from tap water. As their website explains, “Culligan ZeroWater’s 5 Stage Ion Exchange Filter is the only pour-through water filter NSF certified to reduce PFOA/PFOS, lead, and chromium”. The result? Exceptionally clean tasting water. I used the TDS meter that came free with my Culligan ZeroWater filter to test my old filtered water and got a reading of 58. I then tested the water from my Culligan ZeroWater filter which registered a zero reading! It felt great to have proof that the water I had filtered was free of contaminants.

Zerowater 5 stage filtration

Daily Benefits of Using Culligan ZeroWater

Including Culligan ZeroWater into my daily routine has brought several benefits. Preparing drinks such as tea and coffee with Culligan ZeroWater has enhanced their flavour, making them more enjoyable. More importantly, using purified water ensures I’m reducing my intake of potentially harmful metals and chemicals—a significant consideration for anyone focused on health.

Culligan ZeroWater also aligns with my environmental values. Instead of using bottled water, each morning I fill my Culligan ZeroWater reusable stainless steel bottle with cold filtered water from my Culligan ZeroWater jug to take to work. This lasts me until around midday, when I have to refill at work. I have asked my boss if she can buy a Culligan ZeroWater filter for work because the reduction in quality is notable! Culligan ZeroWater not only helps me to help the environment, but the brand itself promotes sustainability by offering a recycling program for used filters, providing a discount on future purchases in return.  Win win!

Living with Culligan ZeroWater

A few months down the line, and I’m still impressed. The jug’s design is practical for everyday use, fitting well in the fridge and easy to handle. Changing filters is straightforward, and customer support is readily available if you need help with any queries; they’re all about making sure you’re happy with your water.

What does Culligan ZeroWater remove

The increase in water quality has seen an increase in my whole family’s water intake.  I used to joke that my son is a cactus; he would need frequent encouragement to drink at home, and his school water bottle often returned home half full… sound familiar? An unexpected benefit of using Culligan ZeroWater has been its impact on my son’s hydration habits. He now consistently drinks the entire contents of his water bottle at school, a happy side effect we hadn’t anticipated when we first switched to Culligan ZeroWater.

Give Culligan ZeroWater a Try!

If you’re considering a new water filtration system, I highly recommend Culligan ZeroWater. It’s suitable for anyone looking to improve the taste of their water, enhance their health, or ensure their drinking water is as pure as possible.

Visit Culligan ZeroWater’s website to explore their products  and find a filtration system that suits your needs. It’s a simple step that could make a significant difference in your daily water consumption and overall health.  It’s not just about drinking water; it’s about drinking better water.  Start your Culligan ZeroWater journey today!

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