Are you looking for Safe and Sustainable Tap Water in 2020?

The single use plastic bottles pollution is now threatening the only place in our Universe known to be a safe Harbour for Life and where Life evolved our Planet Earth!

Are you on the look out for a Safe and Sustainable Source of Drinking Water Free from Contaminants?

Maybe, your next New Year’s resolution and your environmental awareness is forcing your hand today?

The international press is trying to raise our awareness with articles such as:

You need and decided to do your bit for the planet we all share!

You are demanding a solution which will give your family access to the purest tasting tap water, but without contributing to an ever growing plastic and environmental problem.

Yes, we the Humans created that problem.

Your awareness has peaked: Plastic bottles are damaging our environment?

ZeroWater Presents it’s Safe and Sustainable Source of Tap Water

ZeroWater can be Your Solution in 2020 to the Plastic Bottles Pollution and Environmental Problem!

Why are Single use Plastic Water Bottles Bad for Our Environment?

Single use plastic bottles are wasteful and hazardous as they will only be used once and then disposed of. As they are non-biodegradable, it can’t be recycled by living organisms and will consequently always pollute the ocean and earth, harming wildlife and marine ecosystems and releasing toxic chemicals into the water, soil and atmosphere. In fact plastic bottles are currently the 5th most commonly found rubbish item at coastline cleanups (by quantity), making up a sizable portion of the total plastic pollution in oceans. Moreover, plastics such as these eventually become microplastics and make their way into our water, leading to long-term negative effects on our health.

Therefore plastic bottled water is extremely dangerous to our environment in this current climate of change, we want to reduce the use of single use plastic to protect our environment, wildlife and preserve the earth for future generations.

ZeroWater wants to bring about a Resolution to Pollution:

We at ZeroWater know how detrimental single use plastic water bottles are to the environment, but we don’t believe that means you have to sacrifice the pure taste of bottled water. With our ZeroWater filter jugs and dispensers, you can have the purest tasting water possible while saving the environment from single use plastic!

The ZeroWater Jug Family

With ZeroWater’s Premium 5-Stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System you no longer need to worry about buying plastic water bottles to get the same taste as purified bottled water, as well as water free from the dangers of microplastics and other contaminants.

Our water filter jugs and dispensers outperform all other filters on the market, removing what other filter leave behind, successfully and significantly reducing the amount of ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ in your water. We achieve this through our advanced 5 stage filter system which removes virtually every contaminant in your water; compared to most other simplistic 2-stage filters available, which only removes around half of all dissolved solids. Don’t believe us? Well, you can test it for yourself! We can absolutely guarantee our filters ability to reduce the amount of dissolved solids in your water, and to prove it, every single filter jug comes with a free water quality meter, so you can confirm that no dissolved solids remain after filtering your tap water.

Our filters are proven to reduce the amount of contaminants in your water. In fact our filters are ‘NSF Certified’ to reduce 97% of Lead and 99.9% of Chromium, and they are third party tested to reduce 96% of Mercury, 99% of Uranium and 97% of Asbestos among other contaminants. As well as this our filters remove plastics larger than 10 microns (0.01mm) so will catch almost all microplastics, meaning you will be safe from the damaging effects of microplastic. Moreover, these results represent the amount of contaminants removed when tested at twice the rated lifespan showing just how effective our filters are at making your tap water the purest tasting water possible.

ZeroWater can be Your Hero in the Revolution against Pollution.

Reduce your use of plastic water bottles by filtering your tap water with our premium 5 stage water filtration system which will last up to 150 litres and get the benefits of pure tasting water without the detriment of plastic bottled water.

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