As Seen On ITV – The ZeroWater Jug Scores Top Bargain Credits For Christmas 2018!

Phillip Schofield tests the ZeroWater 7 cup jug

The 7 Cup ZeroWater Jug was featured again on prime British TV.

Are You wondering what the Verdict was on the ZeroWater Jug?

Phillip Schofield looked at our jugs and many other Christmas bargains. Are you curious to see what his findings were this year?

Our ZeroWater Jug Scored Top Bargain Credits!

7 cup ZeroWater Jug

You too can catch up on Episode 3 presented by Mr. Phillip Schofield’s in his second series of ‘How To Spend it Well at Christmas’. This episode was aired on the 18th of December in 2018.

The program was aired at prime time or 8 PM on the ITV channel. As usual, it was presented by Mr. Phillip Schofield who poured wine through one of our ZeroWater Jugs.

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Our 7 Cup Water Filter Jug performed exceptionally well and obtained Phillip’s Total Satisfaction – “For totally pure water this is an amazing filter – Get it!” and “the best cheap, environmentally friendly option to bottled water”

The ZeroWater Team would also like to extend our Best Wishes to you and your family and friends for Christmas 2018 and we wish You All a Very Happy New Year.