Copper in Your Tap Water? The Health Risk and How to Solve This At Home?

While there is increasing awareness about Lead contamination in water not much is talked about Copper.

Copper is a naturally occurring element that in small amounts is necessary for some bodily functions, but when you consume too much of it you will experience health problems.

Copper in your water occurs when you have Copper piping – over time the pipes erode and leach into your water. It can also come from the ground – if the soil around your area contains high levels of Copper it will eventually get into your drinking water.

The negative health effects of consuming Copper in drinking water can be long term or short term.

In the short term people experience vomiting and other digestive disorders.

In the long term you may suffer mood disorders such as irritability and depression. Copper is also quite harmful to infants, so if you have a young child it is very important to ensure that your water is free of Copper and Lead.

So how do you know whether you have Copper in your tap water?

The best thing to do is to test it for this specific metal. There are tests you can buy in your local shop, but if you want a more in-depth analysis you can have a professional come in and take samples for a more comprehensive test.

They will test your local  water supply for many water contaminants and not just for Copper but other metals as well so that you can know how pure or impure your tap water really is.

You can also look up official sources and public health websites providing information on your local water supplier – they will have done the tests and they can tell you exactly what is in your tap water.

If you find that you have Copper the best thing to do is buy a water filter jug.

Water filter jugs are fitted with special water filters that strip out metals and other impurities making your tap water safe to drink again.

These water filter jugs are affordable – for less than £25 you can get one, and the water filters are also affordable.

Water filter jugs are an excellent way to get pure drinking water without spending too much – the alternative would be to buy bottled water which is not cheap and impacts severely on the environment.

One of the top retailers of water filter jugs in the UK is ZeroWater.

They have a wide range of water filter jugs and all of them are very effective at stripping water of impurities.

You can find out more on their website,