Does a Water Filter Jug Make Your Tap Water Taste Better?

Water filter jugs are very popular right now – they help to purify tap water and make it safe to drink, but is it true that they also make water taste better? The answer is both yes and no and here is why.

If you live in an area where the tap water contains a lot of contaminants, such as in a big city, the taste of the water is affected by the contaminants. If you pass it through a water filter jug and strip it of the contaminants its taste will improve

If, however, you live in an area where the water is relatively pure and only contains a few chemicals you will not notice a significant change in taste when you pass tap water through a water filter jug.


What you should be focused on when you are buying water filter jugs is not the taste, but the purity of water.

The water that comes out of most taps contains chemicals such as chlorine and pathogenic microorganisms.

Drinking it puts you at risk of disease, and when the chemicals, which are not easily digested and excreted by the body, accumulate they can lead to some forms of cancer.

The answer is to buy a water filter jug so that you can filter your water and make it pure before you drink it.

The other thing you should keep in mind when considering whether or not to buy a water filter jug is how much money you will be saving.

Instead of tap water most people opt instead to drink bottled water. What they don’t realize that is that water is actually more expensive than oil.

It may sound crazy, but the next time you buy a bottle of drinking water compare its cost to the cost of a liter of petrol and you will see that you are spending more to buy the stuff that comes out of the tap in your home.

A water filter jug is a cheap and effective way of purifying drinking water and saving hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year. It is a one-off purchase and all you have to do is change the filter every month or so – and replacement filters are cheap.

Lastly, you will also be giving the environment a boost if you buy a water filter jug instead of bottled water as you reduce the amount of plastic that goes to the landfill. We highly recommend the ZeroWater range of water filter jugs, you can get yours here today or find more information on ZeroWater’s website:

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