How Much Water Should You Be Drinking?

The water market has exploded in recent years – people understand the need to drink water and water bottling companies have taken advantage of it.


One question remains – how much water should we be drinking?

There is so much information as to how much water we should consume on a daily basis and much of it is conflicting. Many of us grew up knowing that we should consume at least 8 glasses a day but over time that number has changed – you will hear anything from 5 to 8 depending on which school of thought you consult.

The fact is there is no magic number – at least not one that is supported by science.

What is important, however, is that you hydrate.

It has been proven that drinking water comes with several benefits – it helps you keep from feeling fatigued, it gives you more energy, a clearer skin, better digestion, better brain function and it acts as a detoxifier.

How much water you need will depend on how much makes you feel better.

Some people are able to drink 8 glasses a day with ease but there are others who can do only 5 or six.

Some people do not like to drink water at all. If you are in this category it is important that you keep hydrated using alternative healthy liquids such as natural juices and milk.

Avoid coffee – it doesn’t help, but a good cup of tea several times a day will help keep you hydrated.

The quality of water that you drink is also important – the reason why water bottling companies are making so much money is because many people know that the water that comes from their taps is less than pure.

Although you can buy bottled water, it is an expensive solution when you consider that water filter jugs are more cost efficient.

A water filterjug  in your home is a good idea because you will purify all the water that you drink for an affordable price. It helps keep you healthy too Рit catches any impurities that may cause illness.

Better yet, you can be sure of the quality of water – some mineral water companies bottle tap water and claim that it is purified.

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