How Safe Is Your Tap Water for Long Term Health?


Each time you turn on your tap for a glass of water to drink, do you stop to think about how it could be affecting your long term health?

Many people assume that just because water looks clean when running from a tap it is safe to drink.

Studies show that in many cases it is not.

glass of water filling from tap, safe to drink text?There are many contaminants and chemicals and although they may not cause you any health problems today there is no saying whether they will not bring about chronic illnesses later in life.

One metal that is found it tap water in many locations around the world is Lead.

In small amounts you may not notice any changes to your health, but when you consume lead for a long time it will eventually catch up with you.

It can lead to various health conditions, including cancer.

Copper is also found in tap water in many places and it too can lead to illness and so can Selenium.

It is not just the metals found in water that will hurt you. The chemicals that are added to purify water can also lead to health problems.

Many people think they are leading healthy lifestyles by exercising and eating healthy but they fail to pay attention to their tap water consumption, and when they eventually develop a chronic illness they wonder what could have caused it.

If you want to live to a ripe old age you should make sure that you drink purified water.

Some people assume that drinking bottled water will take care of the problem.

well beingWhat they don’t realise is that there is no regulation forcing bottled water companies to purify water – they could very well get their water from a tap, bottle it and sell it and there is nothing you can do about it.

In fact, you may be safer drinking water from your tap as it is regulated.

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