How to make ‘Perfectly Clear’ Ice Cubes at home and become the ultimate cocktail master before Xmas 2017.

The prefect ice cube – does such a thing exist? Many people get frustrated when trying to make ice cubes at home because they always end up looking cloudy in the middle. The common cause of this is impurities, but unfortunately even when you get rid of them you may not necessarily end up with crystal clear ice cubes. So how come some commercial establishments are able to come up with perfect ice cubes? To make a clear ice cube you need to understand what causes the cloudiness in the first place.

Although many times it is caused by impurities in the water, the way the ice freezes makes a big difference. It is quite likely that when you make ice cubes at home you pour water into the ice cube tray and stash the thing away in the freezer. This freezing all at once is what is causing problems. If you want to make clear ice cubes think about how icicles form. They are clear because the water freezes in layers, and that is how to get clear ice cubes – you need to freeze your ice in layers.

This means that you should put a bit of water, freeze it, put another small layer, freeze it and so on until you have fully formed ice cubes – you will notice that they will all look like clear crystals. You can astound your family this Christmas with this simple (can be tedious) process.

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