Is Fluoride in my Drinking Water Good or Bad – the Pros and Cons

There are several pros and cons associated with fluoride in drinking water.

For one, fluoride – as used in toothpastes – does prevent tooth decay. It is also designed to improve public health, while reinforcing tooth enamel. While fluoride is great for preventing cavities and tooth loss, many public water suppliers are reconsidering adding fluoride to tap water systems.

This is due to new scientific research and studies, which show that fluoride, may also be harmful if consumed in mass quantities. In fact, this natural chemical can have adverse effects on teeth – including staining and dental fluorosis. Fluoride has even been linked to signs of stomach pain and indigestion in many families.

If you are concerned about the new findings, there are ways to reduce fluoride in your drinking water. This includes:

  • Removing fluoride from your drinking water only – while leaving the rest of the water “as is” for washing, bathing, dishes, etc.
  • Removing fluoride entirely from your whole house or business supply.

The ZeroWater Solution

At ZeroWater, we have the perfect solution to remove or at least manage fluoride levels in your tap water. As a premier supplier of water filtration jugs in the UK, we have developed a cutting-edge water softening and cleaning system.

This system ensures the best filtration possible with premium five-stage ion exchange technologies.

This means you get water that is free of hard-water contaminants, along with bacteria and reduced or zero level of fluoride.

ZeroWater sells the only water purification jugs that guarantees TDS-free water.

This means your water – for consumption – is free of dissolved liquids; chlorine, chloride, fluoride and even hard-water aluminum.

ZeroWater is Great Water

ZeroWater far surpasses its competitors when it comes to real water purification systems and or jugs.

In fact, even Brita filters cannot guarantee complete TDS (free of dissolved liquids) for homes and businesses.

Our water filter jugs are synonymous with great taste, freshness, and last for months and years to come.

You never, ever have to worry about harmful tap water ever again. Similarly, you will get water that has little to no bacteria, aluminum, fluoride, and other harmful and abrasive chemicals.

We are also proud to offer water filter jugs for your home or business,, which include  FREE TDS Meters.

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