Lifestyle Advice from ZeroWater: Obtain ‘Thin Privilege’ By Controlling Your Water Intake

obtain thin privilege by controlling your water intake

What is ‘thin privilege’  and how can I obtain ‘thin privilege’ by ZeroWater?

Unless you are an avid fitness fan you may not have heard of the phrase “thin privilege”. Most people who are not overweight or who have never struggled with their weight don’t think about their size as a privilege. They never have to worry about fat-shaming. Fitting in an airline seat. Finding the right size of clothes or even making friends. Thin privilege is real for those who are overweight. When they see thin people they find them privileged since they don’t have to struggle with many of the issues that they struggle with.

It is true that losing weight is not easy. Many have tried and failed but this doesn’t mean that you should give up. There are many things that you can do to keep your weight in check. The important thing to always keep in mind is that you should aim for a size that is good for you. Don’t aspire to be as thin as another person just because you like how they look. As long as you have a healthy BMI you will not have to worry about how to obtain a ‘thin privilege’.

Obtain 'thin privilege' by increasing your water intake by ZeroWater

A simple place to start is by increasing your water intake.

You have heard it time and time again. Drinking lots of water is good for you. But one thing that most overweight people have in common is that they never drink enough water. When they feel thirsty they reach for all kinds of beverages. Forgetting that most of them contain sugar that will only make their weight problems worse.

Here are a few benefits of proper hydration for those who are overweight:

  • It improves your body’s processes at the most basic levels. Your body is about 70% water. This means that for your cells to function properly you yourself need to contain about that much water at all times. They will be able to break down food properly. More, they get rid of excess fat and waste. The result over time will be a smaller sized you.
  • Anyone who has been successful in losing weight will tell you one thing. The fact they had to drink lots of water to do achieve it. They still consume copious amounts of water to stay thinner. Water works because it increases the rate at which your metabolism operates. Water helps break food down faster which keeps you leaner and fitter.
  • Drinking lots of water will also keep you feeling more full so that you will look for smaller portions at meal times.
  • One common complaint among overweight people is that they feel sluggish and lazy all the time. You can change this by drinking more water. It improves the balance of electrolytes in the muscles leading to more energy. This means that you will be more motivated to work out and you will also be able to exercise for longer.
  • Toxins are a great problem for people who are overweight. They accumulate over time and not only can they lead to chronic illnesses. They also slow the body down. You can get rid of toxins quite easily by drinking more water every day. If you avoid water because you don’t like the taste. You can easily change that by adding fruit to it. You will improve the taste, improve hydration and also gain lots of nutrients along the way. Try using mostly seasonal fruits and vegetables when doing so.

How much water should you drink?

This has been a topic of debate for many years. Unfortunately, the answer, is that there is no single expert that can give solid reasons for the number of glasses that they recommend.

The bottom line is this. You should drink LOTS of water every day. If you are consuming more than 6 glasses a day you are safe but you should drink more if you can.

Your water should be pure, so make sure to invest in a ZeroWater water filter. It will help you obtain ‘thin privilege’ and stay healthy and toxin free at the same time.

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