Make Health and Hydration be the New Year’s Resolution You Keep

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New Year, New You is achievable with Culligan ZeroWater.

Are you striving to make 2020 your best and healthiest year so far?

Do you want to keep your resolution of healthy living year round?

Are you trying to detox and get fit after the festive period of excess, food and alcohol?

Start 2020 as you mean to go on, healthily, happily and hydrated with Culligan ZeroWater’s advanced and effective Premium 5-Stage Ion Exchange Water Filtration System.

A study conducted by the University of Scranton showed that 80% fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions according to US clinical psychologist Joseph Luciani.

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But you can beat the odds, using our simple tips and tricks to stick to your resolution and commitment to health and fitness:

  1. Start small – ensure you tackle your goal by breaking it down into bite size chunks, do a bit every day in order to slowly but surely work towards your goal.
  2. Be realistic – don’t put too much pressure on yourself, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew, make sure your goals are manageable and realistic.
  3. Write down a plan – clearly and concisely write down your goals and a step by step plan to achieve them within a certain time frame.
  4. Get support from your loved ones – talk about your goals with your friends and family, invite them to get involved so you can work on them together, goals are more achievable when carried out with others.
  5. Motivation – keep going, don’t lose momentum or hope, you can do it, one step at a time.

If your New Year’s resolution is Health and Hydration, You can ensure with Culligan ZeroWater that You and Your Family Start Off 2020 Right by Drinking the Healthiest water possible.

For just £24.99 you can own a cheaper, more efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water conveniently located within your home. Just choose from our wide range of products the filter that suits you best to invest in a healthier and happier 2020. Our filters are long term (as it will last up to 150 litres), useful and cost effective investments to start off the New Year.

Our filters not only promote hydration but reduce contaminants to give you the purest tasting water so you can detox effectively after the unhealthy festive period of abundance and excessive food and alcohol consumption. Make your New Year a time of fitness, nutrition and hydration with Culligan ZeroWater.

How do the Culligan ZeroWater filters work?

All of our products: jugs, dispensers and bottles use an innovative 5 stage filter system to remove virtually every contaminant found in your tap water, such as Lead, Mercury and Asbestos. In fact, our filters are ‘NSF Certified’ to reduce 97% of Lead and 99.9% of Chromium, and they are third party tested to reduce: 96% of Mercury, 99% of Uranium, 97% of Asbestos, and 93% of Arsenic , among other contaminants. These results represent the amount of contaminants removed when tested at twice the rated lifespan (150 litres) showing just how effective our filters are at making your tap water the purest tasting and healthiest water option possible.

Our filters outperform all other 2-stage filters available elsewhere, as they are only able remove around half of all dissolved solids, whereas our filters successfully remove what other filters leave behind. Our filter guarantee to drastically reduce the amount of ‘Total Dissolved Solids’ and contaminants in your water.

Don’t believe us? To guarantee you are getting the best deal and purest tasting water for your money, all of our products come with a free water quality meter so you can confirm for yourself that our filter reduces the amount of contaminants in your water.

Find the solution to your New Year’s resolution with Culligan ZeroWater, visit our website here:, to invest in a happy and healthy 2020 with Culligan ZeroWater.


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