Make Hydration Your Trusty Travelling Companion this Summer!

Make Hydration Your Trusty Traveling Companion this Summer when Hiking or Traveling.

Hydration should be your number one travelling companion this summer with handy tips and a Culligan ZeroWater portable water filter!

With coronavirus restrictions relaxing around the world, now is the perfect time to get your travelling in before the summer ends. But it is crucial that you remember to stay hydrated while travelling a new country or trotting the globe in the summer heat.

At Culligan ZeroWater, we don’t just want to provide you with quality advice on how to stay hydrated. We want you to be able to do so with an affordable, useful water filter jug that ensures that you are as healthy as possible while keeping you as hydrated as is possible during all your summertime adventures.

Why is Hydration a Crucial Travel Companion?

At Culligan ZeroWater we understand it is easy to let hydration fall by the wayside when you are being distracted by all the new colors and odours you experienced on your last adventure but drinking enough water, or around 2 litres of water each day, especially when travelling in the heat, is an absolute must and imperative.

  • Air travel can severely dehydrate you, so if you are traveling by airplane, you need to pay close attention to your hydration levels. This is because airplanes have low humidity levels and this is a result of the fact the air inside them is artificially controlled. The air in the cabin contains less water then the air floating above the Sahara desert! Moreover, the dehydration effects will make your jet lag feel even worse! So it is in your best interest to keep hydrated while using any form of air travel at high altitude.
  • Effective hydration keeps you healthy! A good level of hydration prevents illnesses and flushes out many toxins! In order for your kidneys to function properly and to remove waste from your body naturally, you need to keep yourself well hydrated. Moreover, if your body is properly hydrated it can restore nutrients quicker, consequently preventing illnesses.This is especially important in this age as Covid-19 cases are still very much present around the world, it is therefore best to keep your body and hydration levels as healthy and high or fighting fit as possible!
  • You could suffer from a heat stroke if you do not drink enough water while walking around and travelling in the sun this summer. Try to keep your body’s hydration levels high it will prevent heat strokes and helps to maintain and regulate your body’s temperature.
  • When you do lots of walking around while you travel you need to stay hydrated so that your body can maintain the energy and water levels it needs to function effectively. It is easy to forget to drink enough water if you are sitting on a coach, train or bus for long hours, but it is important that your body gets enough water even while it is staying still. Otherwise you could suffer from dehydration symptoms such as: Sleepiness or fatigue, extreme thirst, headache, confusion, dizziness or even light-headedness.
  • Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, energy levels, cognition, and your overall mood. Traveling is really fun but also extremely tiring. Moving from time zone to time zone can confused your body’s internal clock. If you are constantly changing modes of travel or walking for extended periods of time this can also sap you of energy. Therefore, in order to enjoy your travels and experiences, you need to stay well-hydrated to ensure your body and mind are rested and functioning to the best of their abilities!

Culligan ZeroWater’s Top Advice & Products for staying Well-Hydrated when Travelling!

At Culligan ZeroWater we are aware that while travelling your usual routine and habits go out of the window! Whether you’re hopping on a flight for a business trip, going on a inter-railing extravaganza or just a 2-week vacation, any change in your routine will likely affect your water intake. But as we all know, it’s crucial to maintain healthy habits whether at home or abroad, Hydration - The Culligan ZeroWater Portable Water filtration solution!so that you feel and keep functioning at peek performance levels. The following handy pieces of advice and useful products could help you when trying to maintain good  levels of hydration wherever your journey takes you:

  • Drink water on the plane – You should be drinking even more water than normal when you’re flying–at least 8 ounces per hour. The same applies if you’re traveling by car. While it may be tempting to not drink water so you don’t have to pull over every few hours or keep getting up to go to the bathroom, this is actually a healthy impulse. Your body is telling you what it needs and will thank you if you listen to it!
  • Bring a Water Bottle – Why not try our tried and tested, portable water filter bottle? For just £14.99 you can guarantee your holiday hydration.

When you’re traveling, it’s tempting to just buy single use plastic bottles in all the new and exotic places you visit, as and when you are thirsty. However, this is not only wasteful but also very expensive. Instead, save your money and help save the planet by refilling  your portable water filter bottle.

Culligan ZeroWater’s Portable Filtration Solution can help You to stay Well-hydrated while Travelling

Having your refillable bottle with you will make it easier to hydrate throughout the day while travelling. All you will need is an occasional stop at a water fountain to refill your trusted hydration companion and before you know it it will have become second nature for you to do so!

Moreover, this handy compact bottle will ensure you are drinking clean, filtered and healthy pure tasting water – as we all know water in different parts of the country of the world can sometimes taste horrible, and even make you ill. With Culligan ZeroWater’s portable filtration solution these concerns can become a thing of the past for you! Please note that Culligan ZeroWater filtration solutions should not be used to filter any suspicious, dirty water such as river water.

  • Avoid dehydrating foods and drinks. Processed foods full of salt and added sugars can actively dehydrate you and should be avoided while travelling. The main culprits are easy to eat things that you will want to buy while travelling such as: fried food, salty packaged snacks, and sugary drinks. Alcohol and coffee will also dehydrate you. Though it is likely that during your travels you will crave a caffeine pick me up or a nice wind down with an alcoholic beverage. But remember – these drinks cause fluids to pass through your body more quickly, which can lead to dehydration if not coupled with enough water.
  • Instead, eat water-rich foods! Just as some foods can dehydrate you, other foods can help you stay hydrated while traveling. Bananas are full of potassium, which helps your body retain water. Eating water-rich foods can also help you stay hydrated, so seek out fruits and vegetables like watermelon, pineapple, cucumber, and berries. Oatmeal and chia seeds are also hydrating, because they absorb a lot of water when prepared. Pair either with a big glass of water at breakfast to help you stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • When you’re feeling hungry, drink water. Thirst is often confused with hunger.
  • Pack enough water with you for your daytime adventures. Pack many bottles of water distributed among your travelling party. You don’t want to get caught short of water when your all hot, tired and thirsty.
  • Drink on a schedule if you have trouble remembering to drink water. Drink water when you wake up, with each meal – breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and when you go to bed.

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Let Culligan ZeroWater be Your Hydration Station while You Focus on Your Adventures this Summer!

At Culligan ZeroWater, we want to ensure you and your travel party is as well-hydrated and healthy as possible while you’re out and about on all your exciting new summer adventures!

We can help you achieve this as:

Let Culligan ZeroWater be your hydration station and solution this summer, and reap the benefits of being well-hydrated, so you can focus more on your exhilarating summer adventures.

You can browse our shop here to explore our wide variety of filtration solutions and products that are guaranteed to keep you happy, healthy and hydrated while away on your next summer trip!

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