Nitrates in Your Water supply, the Health Risks – How can You Protect Yourself?

Nitrogen CycleWater is the source of life.

We need it for general cleanliness in our homes, and the farms near us cannot survive without it.

Did you know our bodies are 75% water?

Drinking safe water keeps the doctor away.

Water has numerous pollutants; they may include amoeba, bacteria or even chemical substances and metals.

Nitrogen is one of the major pollutants found in tap water.

What is Nitrogen?

It is a compound naturally or synthetically found in our environment.

Harmful Nitrates in the soil emanate from septic systems, fertilizers and manure storage.

Effects of Nitrates

Nitrates are a primary cause of several problems especially to infants when it exceeds the required levels of 10 mg/L in the body.

One, it is a major cause of Methemoglobin, blood contains Haemoglobin which is responsible for transporting Oxygen in the blood. When Nitrates are present, it converts Haemoglobin to Methaemoglobin making it much more difficult to transport Oxygen.

Reduced Oxygen in the brain leads to death.

In the U.K, it has been a major cause of infant mortality.

Pregnant women around the UK have been severely affected by Methaemoglobin, this is because their bodies are weak and are not able to convert it into a manageable state like normal adults.

 Have you noticed the level of cancer is increasing in the UK?

Continuous consumption of Nitrate causes Nitrosamines that are known to cause cancer.

How do I manage Nitrate levels in drinking water?

Water is the main source of Nitrate.

Ensuring you have ‘zero’ Nitrate water is a plus.

In the UK several ways are available, using our reputed Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugis one.

Try to prevent drinking water from contaminated sources at all cost.

In the UK Culligan ZeroWater makes handling this challenge easy with its water filter jugs.

Our water filter jugs use a five-stage ion exchange filter that helps soften your drinking water.

Culligan ZeroWater’s water filter jugs remove contaminants such as Calcium, Magnesium and almost all Nitrate compounds.

As water flows through the Culligan ZeroWater water filter, it is purified, and most Nitrates are removed.

Apart from that, Culligan ZeroWater filter jugs also remove many other foreign elements from your tap water.

Our water filter jugs aid in neutralizing 99% of all Nitrate in your tap water. In the UK most people use distillation to purify water. This is an old method.  There is a risk of leaving some Nitrate traces that might end up in your drinking water. The process is slow, and it yields little results.

The best thing to do is buy a water filter jug from Culligan ZeroWater. We offer one of the most cost effective jugs in the market and they come as low as £25.

A water filter jug is a cheap way to ensure that you and your family all get pure tap or drinking water.

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