How and When To Replace Your Water Filter in My ZeroWater Water Filter Jug?

Replace your ZeroWater water filters

How and when to replace your ZeroWater water filters? Your decision to buy a ZeroWater water filter jug was excellent. Not only does it ensure that you drink water that is pure and healthy, it will also go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint. Each ZeroWater water filter jug comes with a filter installed. Over time, because it is stripping impurities from the water, the filter gets clogged and needs to be replaced.

You should be very keen to change the filter in your jug before it becomes clogged. Otherwise you will be recycling the impurities that are already trapped in it.

Four ways that you can tell when to replace your ZeroWater water filters:

  • If you noticeĀ  your TDS meter displays a reading of ‘006’ or above. All ZeroWater jugs / dispensers come with a FREE TDS meter.
    (Lost yours? You can purchase a new one from our website here)
  • If you notice that the taste of your water has changed it means that impurities are getting through the water filter and into your drinking water. Replace your ZeroWater water filter when this happens. This is not as easy to detect! Many people will tell you that it is hard to distinguish the taste of filtered water from that of unfiltered. If you experience this right after you buy your ZeroWater jug don’t worry. Over time your palate will get used to the taste of filtered water and you will be able to tell the difference.
  • If you notice impurities in your water it means that the filter in your jug is clogged and the impurities are not being stripped. You may notice sedimentation once the water settles in a glass. Often the contaminants might also be floating around in your water.
  • If the flow of water from your jug slows down it is an indication that your filter is clogged and needs changing too.

Experienced users of ZeroWater water filter jugs will tell you that sometimes you don’t have to change the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This is true. You can also look at several additional factors before you change the filter.

Factors influencing when to replace your ZeroWater water filters.

When to replace your ZeroWater water filters?The first factor is determined by how much water you need to filter every day?

If you use your ZeroWater jug more than a few times a day it means that you filter a large volume of water and the filter will therefore need to trap more impurities.

The type and amounts of impurities in your water also matters. Some areas get water that is more polluted than others. If you live in one of these places you may have to change your filter more frequently than is recommended by the us.

The quality of your filter also matters – ZeroWater’sĀ  filters are generally of very high quality, but should you decide to buy low quality or cheaper filters you should change them more often.

If you are a busy individual who cannot keep track of when you should change your filter it is best to have a reminder saved on your phone or marked on a calendar.

The easiest way, however, is to buy a ZeroWater water filter jug all our jugs come with a free TDS meter which has an indicator. Its display with change to much higher numbers indicating the filter is fully used up when they number displayed is anything but 0. It is an unmistakable sign that you should change your filter ASAP.

How do I change the filter in my ZeroWater Jug / Dispenser?

Changing a water filter is not very hard. All our jugs come with our easy to follow manufacturer instructions on how you can change your filter.

If you follow them you should have no trouble at all.

There are also videos online that demonstrate how to change our water filters in one of our water filter jugs. If you are having troubles or need help or more advice you can contact ZeroWater through our website here.