Should I Add Minerals to ZeroWater Filtered Water?

Drinking ZeroWater filtered water is an excellent idea – it ensures that you drink only purified water.

You may, however, be wondering whether you are stripping minerals out the water in addition to the impurities.

copper symbol cu 29Our bodies need minerals, and we get about a fifth of them through drinking water.

If you take in fewer minerals than are required you will suffer deficiencies and may experience health problems.

The truth is that while ZeroWater water filter jugs remove impurities, they also remove minerals that your body needs.

Many people also complain that filtered water is tasteless – minerals add taste to water.alkaline sign text

Another significant problem with demineralisation of water is that it leads to high acidity levels in the body. Your body needs to be in an alkaline state and this is achieved by the right balance of minerals.

Without them acidity levels rise in the body and this can lead to degenerative diseases.

If you want to keep drinking ZeroWater filtered water you can add a mineralisation cartridge to your jug so long as it is designed for it.

Many, however, are not, so you have to find other ways to get enough minerals in your body.

One way is to eat healthy food. A lot of the processed food that we consume every day have been stripped of important minerals. If, however, you cut these out of your diet and replace them with healthy, organic food you will increase your mineral intake by a significant degree.

Another way is to take mineral supplements

lead symbol PB 82These are commonly available but you should be careful when choosing a brand.

There are some that contain high levels of filler material and very little of the actual minerals.

Filler can be harmful to your health and should be avoided at all costs.

Before you buy make sure that you are getting a supplement that has enough of the base ingredients your body requires.

Look into the manufacturer too – are they well known for making reliable and safe supplements?

Check online to see if there have been any complaints logged against their products.

What if you stick to tap water instead?

While it is true that you will get important minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium by drinking unfiltered tap water, there is a huge risk of consuming metals such as Lead and Copper which can lead to serious health problems.

Instead of taking the risk stick with ZeroWater water filter jugs and then use the above methods to increase your mineral consumption intake.

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