Simazine in Your Tap Water?

Simazine chemical or molecular formula

While many people are aware of contaminants such as Lead and Copper in their tap water, they have never heard of Simazine.

Simazine is a manufactured compound in the form of a white, crystalline powder that is used mainly as an ingredient in herbicides.

It is used to keep weeds under control in cereal farms, orchards and other crops.

It is also sprayed in some urban areas, such as railway lines, to make sure that weeds don’t overrun the surrounding areas.

When Simazine gets into water it dissolves and the resulting solvents can be harmful to health.

It is important to note that so long as it is consumed at very low levels Simazine doesn’t lead to any negative health effects, but its increased usage has meant that more and more of it is ending up in our UK ground water systems.

In some countries, such as the UK, its use has been phased out over the years.

While Simazine doesn’t cause any harm when orally consumed, it can be absorbed through the skin, leading to a number of problems.

It has been shown to cause dizziness and irregular breathing in lab rats as well as Dermatitis and skin rashes in people who have been exposed to it for a long time.

People who are exposed to herbicides that contain it exhibit a number of symptoms including tremors, difficulties in walking, convulsions, paralysis, pin-point pupils, diarrhea and in extreme cases renal failure.

In one study, a group of rats was fed Simazine for a period of two years during which they started to display symptoms of liver failure, weight loss, irregular white blood cell count and stomach inflammation.

It has also been shown to lead to problems in rat pregnancies, with offspring born with abnormalities and low weight.

The EPA categorizes Simazine as a possible Carcinogenic since it has been shown to cause cancer in some rats.

Even in places where the use of Simazine has been phased out there is no way of knowing whether it is already in your water table.

This means that you should take precautionary steps especially in your bath water.

While there are many designs of water filter jugs that you can use to filter drinking water, they will not be very helpful when it comes to stripping Simazine from your water supply for a bath but as far as purifying quantities for drinking in concerned Culligan ZeroWater’s water filter jugs have never let us down.

You can additionally look out for water filter that is big enough to filter the water that you use to shower and clean your your clothes.

These filtering systems can be installed to filter all the water that comes into the home, but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative you can buy a smaller system that only filters water to your bathrooms.

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