The Rigorous Testing Behind ZeroWater Filtration: Our Commitment to Pure Water

The Rigorous Testing Behind ZeroWater Filtration: Our Commitment to Pure Water

Quality assurance and transparency is at the forefront of ZeroWater’s mission to provide safe and pure drinking water. Our water filters undergo rigorous testing to ensure that each product adheres to high standards of water filtration to guarantee our filters’ effectiveness and reliability.

In-House and Third-Party Testing

At ZeroWater we conduct extensive in-house testing. This approach allows for real-time monitoring and swift adjustments to uphold quality. We also employ independent third-party testing to verify verify our 5-stage filter’s efficiency, providing an unbiased assessment of ZeroWater’s filtration performance and an evidence base for claims we make, such as:

  • “Tap water could contain a lot of dissolved solids and some other filters simply struggle to remove them.”
  • “Unlike Brita filters 3 stage system, ZeroWater’s 5 stage filtration system eliminates virtually all dissolved solids.”

Certification Standards

ZeroWater filters are certified to meet the NSF International’s standards. NSF International is an independent and accredited organisation that develops public health standards and certification programs to protect the world’s food, water, consumer products, and environment. The certification ensures that ZeroWater filters are effective in reducing specific contaminants, providing an additional layer of credibility and trust.

How are ZeroWater Filters Tested?

Testing methodologies adhere to the NSF/ANSI standards designated for pour-through devices. Tests were conducted at Quality Filter Testing Laboratory, LLC situated in Williamstown, New Jersey; an independent entity acknowledged by IAPMO, operating under the certification of ISO 17025.

Comparative analyses were performed on ZeroWater’s 5-stage filter (with a specified capacity of 75 litres) and Brita’s Standard Filter (with a designated capacity of 100 litres). Each filter underwent examination following the manufacturers’ stipulated daily filtration recommendations of approximately 7.57 litres.

Preparation of Challenge Water; Here Comes the Science Bit!

Metal challenge water was prepared by incorporating the precise volume of reagent standard to 20 litres of water, achieving concentrations as outlined by NSF/ANSI standards 42 or 53 for each respective metal. Exceptions were made for metals absent from the aforementioned standards; concentrations for these were amplified to tenfold the EPA’s established drinking water limits. This challenge water was sequentially filtered through each device in tandem, utilising a cycle comprising 45 minutes of loading followed by a 45 minute rest interval, with this process administered at a rate of one litre per cycle. Post the filtration of 20 litres, water samples were extracted from each filter and subjected to analytical testing for metal concentrations using EPA method 200.8 (with the exception of iron, analysed via SM 3111-B). pH levels were adjusted to 6.5 and 8.5 for all contaminants, with reported metal results being the average of tests conducted at both pH levels.

For Inorganic-Non-Metal Parameters, challenge water was similarly prepared and tested, following the relevant concentrations, standards, and procedures as delineated for metals.

Pure Findings, Clear Results

Independent laboratory findings found our filters remove 99.0% lead, 98.0% arsenic (+3 and +5), 99.9% barium, 99.9% copper, 99.9% iron, 99.0% manganese, 92.0% mercury, and 99.9% zinc amongst many other metals. High percentages of inorganic non-metals are also removed, including 99.0% chlorine, 99.9% cyanide, 99.0% asbestos and 99.0% nitrite (figures based on ZeroWater 75 litre.) ensuring clear, safe, great tasting water.

ZeroWater; Filters You Can Trust

ZeroWater’s thorough approach to water filter testing is a testament to our commitment to delivering a product that is reliable, efficient, and meets the highest standards of water purification. Through a combination of in-house and third-party testing, adherence to international certification standards, and an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, ZeroWater ensures that every filter produced offers unmatched performance in providing clean and safe drinking water. Whether it is virtually all Total Dissolved Solid removal, or significant contaminant reduction, ZeroWater’s stringent testing protocols diligently explore all aspects in the pursuit of unparalleled water purity.

Don’t settle for anything less and invest in a ZeroWater filter today!