A Top 10 of Reason – Why to Filter Your Local Tap Water Supply

tap water into water filter jug then into glass for drinking

Water is life so no one can survive without it.

However, we should not just drink any water.

The water we consume should be safe and contaminant free at all times.

Water may appear clean to the naked eye but it could contain harmful contaminants. Some of the contaminants that can be found in water include Fluorine compounds, Chlorine, bacteria, Mercury, and Lead.

Drinking contaminated water can cause diseases such as E Coli’, Cholera and others which can lead to death. 2 pack zerowater replacement filters

So what are the Benefits of Filtering Your Local Tap Water Supply?

ZeroWater has compiled a comprehensive Top 10 listing the most important benefits below:

  1. Eliminates constipation. Drinking healthy and clean water is the secret to relieving constipation. It can also help regain normal bowel movement.
  2. A healthy baby. If a mother is not breastfeeding, their best alternative is formula milk. The water used to prepare the formula should be filtered to ensure that the baby does not fall ill. Unfiltered water can cause mental retardation or poisoning in babies. Birth defects are prevented; drinking unfiltered water when pregnant can lead to giving birth to a child with serious birth defects. Scientists discovered that certain nitrates that are present in water can increase the risk of fetuses getting birth defects such as Spina Bifida.
  3. Reinforce children’s immune systems. Your children may benefit massively from drinking filtered water because their immune system will become stronger and they will fall ill less often. Thus, they will be able to enjoy a more happy childhood.
  4. Removes Chlorine. Chlorine is essential for treating water such as pool water, but it is dangerous if it is ingested. Some of the disadvantages of drinking such water are discoloured teeth. Filtering water ensures that your water is free of Chlorine.
  5. Saves money. Filtering your water at home can help you save money because buying bottled water can be quite expensive. A ZeroWater water filter jug can less then  £25 which is considerably cheaper then the cost of bottled water.
  6. Prevents you from contracting cancer. By removing Chlorine and its by-products, you will prevent yourself and your family from contracting cancer such as rectal cancer, bladder cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.zerowater water filter jug
  7. Eliminates Lead. Filters remove Lead which is a harmful substance that can cause learning disorders in children among other diseases. Sometimes it can be fatal especially in children.
  8. Environmentally friendly. Buying bottled water leads to increase in waste due to the bottles that come with the water which are harmful to the environment.
  9. Prevents headaches. A big percentage of your brain is water. Drinking unhealthy tap water is known to cause migraines. Drinking filtered water can help you keep those painful headaches at bay.
  10. Helps in weight loss. If you are trying to lose and keep off weight, you should consider consuming a lot of water so that it can make you feel full. This way you will not end up eating too many carbohydrates and sugary foods.
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