Top 5 Science Based Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

While it is commonly accepted that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day, this number is not based on scientific fact – the amount of water that is sufficient varies from person to person and drinking anything from 5 to 8 glasses will do for most people. It is however scientific fact that you need to stay hydrated and here are 6 reasons why:

  1. Water is important for physical performance. The normal human loses about 2% of their body’s water through dehydration while athletes and those who engage in physical labor can lose up to 10%. When this happens the body’s temperature skyrockets and this leads to sluggishness of the brain. You feel less motivated and physically you will not be able to undertake simple tasks. In order to go back to normal you need to drink water.
  2. Studies have shown that drinking water can help reduce and even cure headaches. Many times when you have a headache it is because you haven’t drank enough water. The next time you develop one hydrate and see if it goes away. It is important to mention that this doesn’t happen for all types of headaches – it cannot, for example, help deal with migraines but it doesn’t hurt either.
  3. Drinking lots of water every day will help you avoid constipation which is a common problem. It provides the digestive tract with the moisture needed to break down food sufficiently for it to be excreted. If you suffer infrequent bowel problems you should drink lots of water during the day and add more fiber to your diet.
  4. Kidney stones are a common problem in those who are chronically dehydrated. They form when mineral crystals form in the urinary tract and they are extremely painful to pass. You can avoid them by drinking lots of water every day.
  5. If you enjoy alcohol but hate the hangover that comes afterwards you can reduce its effects by drinking lots of water before and after drinking spirits or wine. True, you urinate very frequently but staying hydrated will reduce the headache and sluggishness that you would otherwise experience.
  6. Lastly, if you are trying to lose weight you should try drinking more water. Studies have shown that drinking just half a liter more of water a day can help boost metabolism by up to 30%.

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