Vitality Tips and a British Strawberry Sorbet Recipe from ZeroWater

zerowater filtered water and strawberries = strawberries sorbet

Fresh ripe perfect strawberries

It has been a particularly hot summer in the UK this year. Even more so as some new records were set temperature wise. We witnessed one of the hottest summers in recent recorded history.

Parents are looking for ways to make sure that their families stay hydrated and healthy every day and even more so when the temperatures are high.

Unfortunately, for many of us that often means reaching for cold but sugary drinks. A cold Coca Cola or soda here and some icy lemonade there. Will help lower your your body temperature for a while, but at which cost? Have you thought about the sugar content in these drinks? To be honest most of us don’t stop to think about how much sugar a drink contains when we are thirsty.

You rather keep your family in good health and informed decisions help reach better goals.

The first thing you ought to do is lower your consumption off sugary commercially prepared drinks or even better ditch them all together. Most often they are a sure way to a higher intake in unhealthy amounts of sugar.

Instead you can prepare tasty and refreshing snacks right at home!

Choose only ‘fresh and seasonal’ ingredients.

You control how much sugar you would like your family to consume!

There are many cool and refreshing treats that you can make right at home.

Which recipes you choose to follow will depend entirely on how much time you have. Or even on how much money you are willing to spend on ingredients.

If possible you would like the recipes to be quick and easy  in terms of their preparation process.

Here is an idea for a refreshing, cool and hydrating drink and snacks anyone can make.

One of the easiest healthy recipes is infused water.

Infused water can correctly be termed a craze. It keeps growing in popularity. Many people now swear by it. It is water that is infused with fruits or vegetables to improve its taste.

On hot days you can crush some ice cubes. made of frozen filtered ZeroWater. Refreeze them after adding fruit and or vegetables which have been blended beforehand.

Again we recommend you prepare the ice cubes with ZeroWater filtered water.

We have written an article for you previously on how to make perfectly or crystal clear ice cubes.

You can read it here: How to make ‘Perfectly Clear’ Ice Cubes at home and become the ultimate cocktail master before Xmas 2017.

If you store some of them in your freezer you will always have easy access to cool, healthy and refreshing water to drink. Simply add the special ice cubes to some ZeroWater filtered water when you feel thirsty. Or you can suck on them.

Here is a simple strawberry sorbet recipe that anyone can make at home.

You will need to procure a few fresh strawberries (any soft fruit) and some ZeroWater filtered water.

Crush the strawberries for a few minutes in a your blender until they turn into chunks and then pour them into a jug full of ZeroWater.

You can pour some of the mixture into ice cubes and freeze and then keep the rest in the fridge.

Anyone who feels thirsty can reach for the infused water or the ice cubes. They will get only healthy hydration that is packed full of seasonal nutrients. You can use this recipe with any fruits or vegetables throughout the summer to keep your family healthy, cool and properly hydrated.

Here is another Strawberry based recipe that you can try:

You will need:

  • Strawberries
  • Brown sugar
  • ZeroWater

Melt the sugar into syrup slowly over medium heat.

Crush the strawberries into a paste with the help of a blender.

Mix the two to form a thick paste and then thin it to your liking using ZeroWater.

Pour the mix into molds and put an ice lollie stick into each mold.

Then place the molds in the freezer.

Keep them there overnight and the next day you will have healthy, cool snacks for the whole family by the time the sun starts blazing.

You can use the same recipe to make many different types of sorbets.

Why use ZeroWater?

XeroWater filtered water - jug

That is an excellent question.

Why not just use water straight from a tap?

If you keep up with the news you will have heard that people are more worried and conscience of what they consume water wise.

People have been reporting to have been poisoned through their local tap water in cities all across the world.

The fact is although your own local area may not have made it into the news yet. There are not always guarantees that the water that comes out of your tap at home is safe to drink.

Most tap water contains all sorts of levels of contaminants, so when you use it to make delicious cold treats you consume the contaminants.

That is why ZeroWater recommends using ZeroWater filtered water.

Water which has been passed through a ZeroWater water filter jug is stripped of many contaminants and you can use it without worrying about your family’s health.

You can find out more about our ZeroWater jugs on our website.