Water Disinfection vs filtration – what is best when?

It is important to drink clean and healthful water.

The water most people use contains contaminants that over time adversely affect their health. People install home purification or filtration systems to ensure there’s healthy drinking water. The purification system helps in water disinfection.

First, decide between water disinfection and filtration system. Companies make products that substantially does the same thing and label the products differently. One product takes the name purifier and the other takes the name advanced filtration system.

Water disinfection

It is the most misunderstood as people believe the water is pure and has nothing mixed in with it. It is a purification process which does not mean removing extraneous matter. The process simply removes unwanted matter or unhealthy elements in the water.


Filtration basically means to filter the water. The filtration system has a sieve that removes unwanted particles from the water. There are two common filtration systems available I.e. activated carbon filters and sediment filters. Often, the two are combined. Sediment filters remove contaminants by size. The filters eliminate microscopic contaminants.

However, some contaminants like dissolved pharmaceuticals, unwanted minerals and viruses are too small to be trapped by the filters which means that they pass through instead.

Most filtration systems use activated carbon filters to eliminate contaminants. Activated carbon filters are very effective. The filters trap carbon based particles passing through them. Majority of the harmful contaminants in water are carbon-based particles.

Difference between water disinfection and filtration

The filtration system prevents unwanted elements from entering the water system while water disinfection removes unwanted elements in the water. Both processes overlap but they serve the same purpose of making your water healthy for use and cleaner.Chlorine is the most commonly used water disinfectant as it neutralizes disease causing  contaminants. A filtering system can remove bacteria which is larger than viruses and common in water supplies.

Where to find water disinfection and filtration systems

When considering having a quality water improvement system, first test the water to know the contaminants you need to remove.

Shop for the right hardware that will treat your water. You can ask for professional opinion to help you get the best system.

Online stores have a broad selection of products such as water filter jugs.

The water we drink should nourish the body and not expose us to further contaminants.

Understanding the difference between water disinfection and filtration helps you make the right choice on the best system to treat your water.

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