Water Pollution Facts We Should Share With Our Children

Water Pollution Facts

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You have armed yourself with lots of facts about water pollution, but how much do your children know?

Educating your children about water pollution facts is important because not only does it help to keep them safe, it helps them become part of the solution – they can take steps that will contribute to a reduction in the pollution.

Here are some Water Pollution Facts you should share with them!

  • Don’t drink water straight out of the tap. It contains Chlorine, Copper, Lead and other harmful chemicals, and it can lead to tummy aches. Always drink from water from a ZeroWater water filter jug, and remember to carry your filtered water in a bottle when you leave home. The ZeroWater blog contains many articles you can read on the pollutants and their associated health risks.
  • Pollution not only harms humans, it also causes harm to sea creatures. The more we pollute the more sea creatures die, so you should do everything you can to reduce pollution. Talk about it with your children, friends and family so that they can play their part too. Plastics are polluting our oceans therefore bottled water supplied in a plastic bottle is never a good alternative as it has too much of an impact on our biosphere.

    Picture of the plastic bottles polluting our oceans.

  • We don’t have a lot of fresh water on our planet – only about 3% of all earth’s water comes from fresh lakes and rivers, and of that we only have access to around 3%.
  • Plastic causes a lot of water pollution. Most of the plastic that people throw away, even the one that goes to landfills, ends up in our oceans and seas and when it breaks down it is eaten by fish. The fish then get sick and die. You should always remember to put plastic bags and bottles in the recycle bin, and avoid using it when you can. Remember to recycle old plastic toys too.
  • Water pollution kills at least 3 million people in the world every year, but many of those deaths can be prevented if people purify water before they drink it. These deaths take place mostly in Asia and Africa and in some parts of South America. Talk with your friends about how you can help children from these parts of the world understand how they can make their drinking water safe.
  • Water conservation is just as important as preventing water pollution. Don’t waste water, and find ways to consume less water at home and in school.
Water filter jugs by ZeroWater

Lastly, tell your friends about ZeroWater water filter jugs and it five stage water filters capable of turning red wine back into healthy drinking water.

ZeroWater five stage filters explained.

They are a great way to ensure that the water that you drink is stripped of all contaminants.

Ask them to visit https://zerowater.co.uk/ and have a look for themselves we provide a lot of educational information on our blog about healthy water and the pollutants and contaminants which might make it into our water supplies.