Brits Consume a Credit Card-Size Amount of Plastic each Week!

We all eat 5 grams of plastic per week as a result of plastic pollution

Micro-plastic found in Food and Water in Britain

A new study reports we all eat around 5 grams of plastic  — or the equivalent of a credit card — per week.

This is alarming to say the least.

The report: Assessing Plastic ingestion from Nature to People in Nature 2019, by the University of Newcastle, Australia, and the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) is very clear in terms of it’s findings and states:

We all consume copies amounts of micro-plastics and it are our individual habits which are decisive as too our exposure.

The university conducted 52 studies and noticed a trend indicating that many of our food and beverages sources now also come with undisclosed amounts of micro-plastics.

We would like it if more of our readers could help support the WWF initiative, which you can find here: Could you be eating a credit card a week?

The figures of the report state that we all eat about 1,769 particles of plastic each week just from drinking water. Meanwhile, micro-plastics are also found in shellfish, beer and salt.

The conclusions

  • We all consume more than 250 Grams of plastic per year.
  • The average person could be ingesting approximately 5 Grams of micro-plastic every week.
  • Plastic pollution affects the natural environment of most species on the planet.
  • The single largest source of plastic ingestion is through water, both bottled and tap water.
Alec Taylor, head of marine policy at the WWF, said the report:
“must serve as a wake-up call to the UK Government”
, adding:
“We don’t want plastic in our ocean, and we don’t want it on our plates. If we’re going to properly address the throwaway plastic pollution crisis, we need urgent action at government, business and consumer levels to tackle its root causes head on.”

Mr Taylor called on leaders to create a global and legally-binding agreement to halt plastic pollution.

The long-term consequences of plastic ingestion are not yet fully understood.

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Plastic pollution affects the natural environment of most species on the planet.

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