What Are the Best Times to Drink Water?
Our Top 10 Explained!

water glasses

The debate about water usually revolves around how much we should drink each day, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself when the best timesare to drink water?

At ZeroWater we sell water filter jugs so you can enjoy water that is free of contaminants, but we also want to let you know the top 10 times you should be drinking water:

  1. When you feel thirsty – thirst is your body’s way of warning you that you are dehydrated, so immediately you feel parched you should drink a glass or two of water.
  2. When you feel hungry, especially when it is not mealtime – sometimes your body can interpret thirst as hunger. In fact, one recommended way to lose weight is to drink water when you feel hungry instead of eating a snack.
  3. When you awake – as you sleep your bodily functions keep running, and this uses up any water you may have drank before you went to bed. It is a good idea to always start your day with a couple of glasses of water. You will feel fresher and your brain will be more alert.
  4. When you have a runny tummy – diarrhea is stool made lose by water, which means that each time you go you become more and more dehydrated. You should drink plenty of water when you have diarrhea so that you can replace the water that you are losing. This is especially important for children and the elderly. The water should be mixed with a little bit of salt and sugar to replace ions.
  5. When you are on medication – whether you are taking prescription medication or over the counter drugs you should drink plenty of water so as to flush their by-products and also reduce the risk of developing kidney stones.
  6. After drinking – when you drink you pee a lot which means that you lose lots of water. Topping up afterwards will allow you to restore your water levels and also sober up.
  7. When it is hot – you sweat a lot, so make sure to re-hydrate.
  8. During exercise – you also lose water during exercise through sweat, so drink lots of water during and after.
  9. When your urine is off colour – normal urine is light yellow in colour so if yours turns darker you are most likely dehydrated.
  10. If you are constipated – it helps loosen up stool.

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