What are the Best Water Filters for Home Use?


Water filters are quickly becoming a necessity in many homes. As someone who is in the market for one you may be wondering what kinds of water filters are best for home use. There are many types and brands in the market, but you cannot buy the first one that you come across – there are many that don’t do what they promise. In order to know which filter will serve you best it is best to first establish your needs.

Start by finding out exactly what contaminants are in your water. Many people assume that the only chemical they need to strip their water of is chlorine, but the truth is that tap water, especially in cities, contains a lot more than that.

In many places you will find that it has Lead, Copper, Cadmium, pathogens and even recycled sewage.

Knowing exactly what is in your water allows you to buy the right water filter to deal with it.

You can test your water using a simple kit that you can purchase from a specialty shop, but if you want to get the most accurate results you should have a professional take samples and test them.

You can also talk with your local water authority – they test the water frequently and they can tell you what contaminants it contains.

Water filters use different mechanisms, and you should look into each of them before you make your purchase.

The most common and cheapest are water filters jugs, and these use in most cases activated charcoal to filter water.

The problem with these is that although they can remove some chemicals and metal elements they don’t get rid of everything.

If you water is highly contaminated these might not be the best option for you.

Reverse osmosis filters are also pretty common, and the great thing about them is that they are able to capture most of the contaminants that are found in tap water.

The problem with reverse osmosis water filter jugs is that they waste a lot of water – you get less than half of what you put in. You also have to replace their water filters often.

The last and best kinds are solid block carbon filters. These can get rid of a wide range of contaminants and there is very little water wasted.

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