What Are the Health Risks Associated With Plastic Fibers Found In Most Bottled Water?

Plastic Fibers

Below we will advice our customers how to asses the current studies indicating most of all bottled water sold in the world contains plastic fibres. Yes, our ZeroWater water filter jufs remove 100 percent of all plastic fibers from tap water.  Obviously, for many of our customers this also means they might need a life style change, which will help evade bottled water all together.

Indeed , according to a research study done by Orb Media in the UK, 82% of water from around the globe contains plastic fibres. The Times also refers to the same facts here.These plastic fibres are in your tap water and they are also present in bottled water. You may assume that bottled water would not contain such contaminants – after all, it is stripped of anything that may harm health before it is bottled.

Many news sources report the same facts and finding:

The list of articles written on the subject goes on and on. Nevertheless, there are several things that you should know.

Plastic fibres found in most bottled water
This planktonic arrow worm, Sagitta setosa, has eaten a blue plastic fiber about 3mm long.
Plankton support the entire marine food chain. Photograph: Richard Kirby/Courtesy of Orb Media

The first is that bottled water companies aren’t really required to adhere to any regulations regarding the quality of water that they sell.

In fact, you may be better off drinking your tap water because your local water authority has to follow some very strict guidelines about the levels of contaminants they allow to pass through in your local water supply.

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The other reason why plastic fibres in bottled water are so common is that the plastic itself breaks down and gets into the water. You cannot see them because they are microscopic, but tests show that a lot of bottled water contains plastic fibres.

Recycling the bottles doesn’t help either – every time plastic is recycled it loses structural integrity, which makes it easier for it to break down.

There is no solid research that outlines what happens when plastic fibres in water bottles enter the body. It is quite likely that the bigger ones are flushed out of the system in the stool along with other waste, but the smaller bits may get into the bloodstream and even enter cells where they can cause all sorts of problems. Not only do they increase the risk of dangerous illnesses such as cancer, micro pieces of plastic can attract bacteria and cause infections that are hard to treat.

All this may sound a bit dire – if you cannot trust bottled water, and the tap water in your home isn’t safe to drink either, how are you supposed to hydrate?

Well now, there is a much safer way to drink water, and it will save you money – you can buy a ZeroWater water filter jug. These water filter jugs work like filtration systems – the filter in them traps all sorts of total dissolved solids, impurities, metals, contaminants and plastic fibres that maybe present in your local water supply.

ZeroWater's 5 stage water filter explained

The filter is supposed to be replaced every few weeks since it can get saturated over time as all filters do.

But the great thing about the ZeroWater water filter jugs is that not only are they great for purifying water, they are also very affordable. Instead of spending lots of money every year buying bottled water you will only need to buy a single water filter jug once every few years, and since they don’t cost much you don’t have to worry about that. You will also need to buy spare filters, but these are also very affordable. The picture below demonstrates the life time and yield of our filters.

How long will my zerowater filter last infographic

More and more people are buying our water filter jugs for their homes and workplaces because they realise just how useful they are. They eliminate the risk of illnesses that are water-borne because they strip all sorts of contaminants from your local tap water.

You will no longer have to worry about Lead, Copper and other metals in your water. That said, it is important to make sure that you buy a water filter jug that is designed to strip as many contaminants as possible – some of them only remove the most common ones.

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Here is a comparative list of things our ZeroWater water filter jugs remove from your local water supply: https://zerowater.co.uk/pages/what-does-zerowater-remove.

The best thing to do is find out which contaminants are present in your local water supply – other than plastic fibres there may be a few others. Once you have a specific list you can then shop for a water filter jug that eliminates those specific contaminants.

You can also talk to a us. We designed and offer market leading water filter jugs which utilise a 5 stage water filter. We can give you advice on which water filter jug will work best for your home or office.

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