Why Filtered Water is a Greener Choice Over Bottled Water


Why Filtered Water is a Greener Choice Over Bottled Water

When it comes to quenching your thirst, the choice between bottled water and filtered water can seem inconsequential. After all, water is water, right? Not quite. The reality is that your decision has wide-reaching implications, not only for your health but also for the environment. Let’s delve into why filtered water is a greener choice and why it’s time to say no to single-use plastics.

Plastic Waste in the UK

Statista report UK households discard approximately 100 billion pieces of plastic packaging a year. This translates into 2.5 million metric tons of plastic packaging waste being generated by the UK alone. Plastic bottles contribute to this number.

Single-use Plastics Ban

UK Government guidance states from 1 October this year, businesses will no longer legally be allowed to supply, sell or offer certain single-use plastic items in England. This includes single-use plastic cutlery, balloon sticks, plates, and bowls. However, plastic soft drink bottles, including water bottles, will not be included.

Why Filtered Water is a Greener Choice Over Bottled Water


The Bottled Water Boom and its Environmental Cost

The convenience of bottled water has led to an explosion in its consumption over the past few decades. Refil.org report approximately two fifths (37%) of UK children drink bottled water, as opposed to tap water.  Water UK  report 7.7 billion water bottles are used in the UK each year, with the typical individual consuming around 150 plastic water bottles annually, amounting to over 3 bottles weekly.  These staggering figures come with significant environmental implications.

  1. Production of Plastic Bottles: Refil.org estimate it takes 162g of oil and 7 litres of water to manufacture one single litre disposable PET bottle; “this amounts to the release of 100g of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), a major greenhouse gas. Therefore single-use plastic bottles significantly contribute to pollution, even if they are subsequently recycled.”
  2. Carbon Footprint: It’s not only the energy used in the manufacturing process; the energy needed to transport and refrigerate bottled water results in even more carbon dioxide emissions. In stark contrast, filtered water systems in homes and public places need far less energy to operate.
  3. Waste and Landfills: According to Refil.org, 44% of plastic bottles in the UK are not recycled. These bottles find their way into landfill, and take hundreds of years to decompose, leaching potentially toxic substances into the soil and water.

The Plastic Water Bottle Effectby heck14, from Visually.

The Scourge of Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastics, including water bottles, have become a global environmental crisis. Their convenience masks a slew of problems:

  • Marine Pollution: Millions of tons of plastic enter our oceans each year, causing harm to marine life. Animals, including birds and fish, ingest these plastics, which can lead to injury, poisoning, or death.
  • Microplastics: Over time, these plastics break down into smaller fragments, known as microplastics, which are now found everywhere, from the depths of the ocean to the water we drink and the air we breathe.

ZeroWater 5-stage filtration

The Superiority of Filtered Water

Filtering tap water offers a sustainable and efficient alternative to bottled water:

  1. Reduces Plastic Consumption: Using reusable water bottles and filling them with filtered water cuts down the demand for single-use plastic bottles.
  2. Saves Money: Over time, investing in a water filtration system can be significantly cheaper than continuously buying bottled water.
  3. Better for Health: Filtered water removes potential contaminants from your local tap water supply, ensuring that what you drink is pure and healthy.
  4. Less Waste: With no bottles to dispose of, filtered water systems produce less waste, which means fewer items ending up in landfills or littering our environment.


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