Worried About Herbicides and Pesticides Found in UK Tap Water?

tractor spraying pesticides and herbicides
tractor spraying pesticides on soy bean

We have all  heard about lead in tap water, but what many people do not realise is that herbicides and pesticides are also commonly found in tap water.

These chemicals are used to control pests in farms all around us, and over time they have leached their way into our water tables.

Although your local authorities may treat water for several contaminants they may not necessarily strip it of all pesticides.

Pesticides in drinking water are a problem because they can lead to several health problems.

One of the most significant is with the endocrine system.

Your endocrine system is the one that controls hormone production.

Studies have shown that when rats are fed with water that contains pesticides and herbicides certain hormones which are responsible for the onset of puberty are altered.

In frogs, it causes chemical castration.

Pesticides and herbicides can also lead to reproductive problems, leading to miscarriage or the inability to reproduce.

Breast and prostate cancer have also been linked to increased levels of these Herbicides and Pesticides in tap or drinking water.

You may think that the solution to this problem is drinking bottled water but in fact it is not.

Plastic bottles floating around the earth massesBottled water is an expensive way to hydrate – you will spend a lot of money every year that you could direct to other important uses.

Bottled water is also bad for the environment – not only does it require oil to produce, all the plastic ends up back in our  water table, making your tap water even more dangerous to drink.

So what can you do to make sure that you drink pure water?

The best solution we know well is a water filter jug.

Our water filter jugs are not like ordinary jugs – they are fitted with a special 5 stage water filter that strips many contaminants from typical water supplies or tap and drinking water sources.

5 stage water bilter by zerowater

The best thing about them is that compared to drinking bottled water they are much cheaper – for a small investment you will get a jug that will serve you for years to come.

The only thing you will be spending money on every month is a replacement water filter, but these are cheap.

There are many types of water filter jugs on the market so evaluate your needs before you go shopping.

Make sure that you read the manufacturer’s label – ensure that it can strip not just herbicides and pesticides, but also other common contaminants from your local water supply.

Culligan ZeroWater offers a comparative table here: https://zerowater.co.uk/pages/what-does-zerowater-remove

We recommend that you call us to buy your water filter jug today.

Culligan ZeroWater offers market leading portable and reusable water filtering technology from £25.

You can find out more about our water filter jugs on this news site and our main website here:

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