ZeroWater Filter Jug Removes Chloromethane – Is Your Tap Water affected?

ZeroWater Filter Jug Removes Chloromethane

ZeroWater filter jug removes Chloromethane! Chloromethane removal from tap water is easy with our ZeroWater filter jugs. Our water filter systems are market leading filters which can remove virtually 100 % of all Chloromethane found in water supplies. To find out what else ZeroWater jugs remove for you click here.

ZeroWater filter jug removes Chloromethane

ZeroWater filter jug removes 100 % of all Chloromethane present in your local tap water!

Citizens from the United Kingdom are well informed about environmental pollutants. We regret to inform everyone that even more pollutants can slip into your local drinking water.

It’s clear that Chloromethane water pollution may be a problem today.

ZeroWater filter jug removes Chloromethane!Using our ZeroWater water filter jugs can be the wisest and most affordable solution you can find today, even more so if your local water supply is affected by Chloromethane.


Most scientific literature referring to ‘Chloromethane‘ often uses the name: ‘Methyl Chloride‘!

Some people will point out that this is a substance that is found in nature – It isn’t a completely artificial chemical that was invented in a laboratory.

However, that doesn’t mean that it’s completely safe. The natural Methyl Chloride that people would have encountered historically existed in very moderate concentrations. In an industrial world, this is no longer the case.

Anyone who lives near a chemical plant can be exposed to quite a lot of Methyl Chloride.

ZeroWater Filter Jug Removes Chloromethane often spilled by chemical plants.

Unfortunately, they’re not necessarily the only ones. This is certainly a chemical that is created in an industrial settings. It was a popular and versatile refrigerant. While Methyl Chloride is not used or manufactured in that setting anymore, that doesn’t mean that it has disappeared. It certainly has not disappeared from all the water supplies in Britain.

It’s interesting that some natural Methyl Chloride comes from the ocean. However, when this Methyl Chloride or Chloromethane exists alongside the forms that are produced artificially, the outcomes of the combination can be worrisome to deal with.

Once Methyl Chloride gets into the your local water supply, it doesn’t go away unless it is actively filtered out successfully. This can be something that people will have to accomplish for themselves using the right water filtering products and systems.

There are certain chemicals that are actively filtered out of all public water supplies. However, Methyl Chloride is not a contaminant that gets acknowledged frequently enough in Britain.

Some UK environmental groups are now trying to raise more awareness about pollutants like Methyl Chloride. This can help to reduce this pollutant on a more systematic way. However, in the meantime, people will need to take care of it independently. Our water filter jugs can help to provide you and your family with 100 % healthy drinking water.

Chloromethane Health Effects

It is clear that Methyl Chloride or Chloromethane can be a dangerous chemical. This is one of the reasons why it is no longer used as a refrigerant now. There is evidence that this chemical is a carcinogen at this point in time. It’s also possible that this chemical will have more damaging health effects on people who are members of more sensitive populations groups, such as the elderly and children.

Some evidence points to the possibility that being exposed to Methyl Chloride can lead to reproductive side effects. It has been demonstrated that sperm production is affected. Some birth defects can be associated with the consistent consumption of Methyl Chloride as well.

We have written previously about the aspect of drinking water while pregnant here.

Of course, even healthy adults could be harmed by Methyl Chloride. Over time, people who are constantly coming into contact with this chemical may develop kidney problems. Other people can suffer from heart or liver diseases.

People who have a family history of high blood pressure will risk getting new symptoms associated with that.

People who are very worried about the Methyl Chloride levels in their local tap water should be told that most of the worst side effects associated with it will only happen at very high levels of sustained consumption.

This said many people’s tolerance for all chemicals vary. No one really knows when the situation will start to get more serious for a specific individual and at which level. It just makes sense for all people to try to limit their exposure to Methyl Chloride as much as possible. We’re here for the people who want to stay as healthy as possible.

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Most people who improve their effectiveness at filtering local water supplies will most likely also improve their long-term health prospects.