ZeroWater filters are the BEST at removing Fluoride from YOUR tap water

ZeroWater filters are the BEST at removing Fluoride from YOUR tap water

Are you one of the many that want to remove Fluoride from your tap water? Fluoride is is an inorganic, monatomic anion of fluorine, with the chemical formula F
(also written [F] ), whose salts are typically white or colorless.

At ZeroWater we want to give our clients the power to decide whether to consume water with Fluoride in it or not, while ensuring you are well hydrated.

We want to empower you and your family to purify and filter your water, giving you the purer tasing, contaminant and Fluoride free water!

If you want to break free and take charge over what is in YOUR family’s tap water, we recommend investing in a handy and effective water filter!

In this article we will explore the ins and outs of Fluoride; what is it? Why is it in our tap water? What are the pros and cons of Fluoride? And ultimately why is a water filter the best investment you can make in 2022?

Fluorite crystals

Fluorite crystals

What is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in water in varying amounts, depending on where in the UK you live.

Fluoride has been artificially added to some UK water supplies for over 40 years, through a process called fluoridation.

Around 6 million people in England receive fluoridated tap water, whether it’s artificially added or naturally occurring.

Fluoride is supposedly added to water to ‘help prevent tooth decay and improve overall dental health.’

However, with critics suggesting that excess fluoride exposure could contribute to a range of health problems, ZeroWater wants to explore whether the benefits outweigh the risk?


dental health care infographic

The Pros & Cons of Water Fluoridation:

According to Public Health England, fluoridation is effective and safe. They claim that far fewer children are admitted to hospital for tooth decay problems in fluoridated areas, but also concede that this could be based on potentially flawed data.

It is reported that 97% of Western Europe has said ‘no’ to water fluoridation, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Despite this, the FAN report that levels of tooth decay have reduced in these countries just as much as they have in countries with fluoridated water supplies, such as the United States.

The British Fluoridation Society claim that the optimal concentration of fluoride (1 part per million of water) is extremely low and “(has) no discernible impact on toxicity of drinking water”.

However, groups such as the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) argue that fluoride is toxic, unfriendly to the environment and contributes to health conditions such as skeletal fluorosis.

Ethical & Medical Impacts of Fluoridation:

Ultimately Water Fluoridation is a Real Ethical Issue.

Fluoride is not considered to be an essential nutrient; tooth decay is not caused by a deficiency of fluoride, rather, it is believed that fluoride helps to prevent tooth decay by strengthening enamel.

This has led some people to describe water fluoridation as a form of ‘forced medication’. If it’s not medically necessary, artificial additives in water could be considered as mass medication on society.

Indeed, once added to the water supply, there is no way of controlling the dose of fluoride; it goes to everyone regardless of weight, health, age, and need.

Moreover, Fluoride is known to have toxic properties at low doses!

Other health-related concerns have been suggested by fluoridation critics such as:

Not to mention that Fluoride may be hurting the environment since 99% of our water supply is not used for drinking but is flushed down the drain.

Therefore, it seems that Fluoride could be causing more trouble than it’s worth!

Gain Fluoride FREE Tap Water with a Water Filter:

It’s impossible to say at the moment whether ingesting fluoride in our tap water is 100% safe or beneficial at the moment.

It may be so, but as long as the critical reports persist, there will always be some of us who are apprehensive at the idea of potentially unnecessary additives in our drinking water.

To find out whether your water supply contains fluoride, contact your local water company. They should be able to tell you on average how much, if any, fluoride is present in your tap water.

But then how do you remove fluoride from your tap water?

The answer is a ZeroWater water filter jug!

A typical 7 cup water filter jug with our 5 stage filtration system.

A typical 7 cup water filter jug made by ZeroWater with our 5 stage filtration system filter.

ZeroWater has the BEST Water Filters and Jugs on the Market to Reduce the Fluoride in YOUR Tap Water!

At ZeroWater it is our mission to create the best water filters for your home that are both advanced and affordable.

All of our water filter’s benefit from the premium ZeroWater filtration system, which combines FIVE sophisticated technologies that harmonise to remove virtually all dissolved solids from your home’s water. The result? Great-tasting, fluoride free water, straight from your kitchen tap!

But how does our 5 stage filtration system work?

  • Stage 1 –Coarse Filter Screento filter out fine particles and sediment.
  • Stage 2 –Foam Distributor, this disperses the water evenly across the entire width of filter which increases the filters longevity as well as its ability to remove more contaminants.
  • Stage 3 – Multi-layer Activated Carbon & Oxidation Reduction Alloy. The Carbon filters out many different contaminants and improves the taste of your water. The oxidation alloy reduces chlorine and other heavy metals, plus, it keeps mould from forming when the filter is moist.
  • Stage 4 – Dual Comprehensive Ion Exchange Resinuses negative and positive dual bed ion exchange resin to strip foreign ions from the water molecules and return them to a pure state.
  • Stage 5 – Finally, the Ultra-fine Screen & on-woven Membrane Layersremove the last bits of ultra-fine particles.

5 stage filtration system by ZeroWater

Thus as you can see, our 5 stage filter system are guaranteed to outperform any other simplistic 2 stage filter on the market such as Brita filters.

Moreover, when tested in accordance with the NSF’s protocol based on a 40 gallon filtration (double the rated usage), ZeroWater’s Premium 5 stage water filters reduces 41% of Fluoride from your tap water.

What other Contaminants does a ZeroWater Filter Remove?

Our filters are also NSF Certified to reduce 99.9% of Chromium, and they are third party tested to reduce, 99% of Lead,  92% of Mercury, 99% of Uranium, 93% of Arsenic, 99% of Copper and 95% of Chlorine, among many other contaminants.

As well as this our filters remove plastics larger than 10 microns (0.01mm) so will catch almost all microplastics, so you and your family will not only be safer from the negative health effects of various contaminants, but you will also be protected from the detrimental long-term health effects caused by microplastics.

To take control of your family’s water quality, invest in the best water filter on the market, with ZeroWater.