Can or Should I drink Tap water while Pregnant?

Pregnant lady drinking water from a plastic bottle

As a pregnant woman you want to take all precautions to ensure that both you and the baby are safe and one of the questions you may be asking yourself is whether you should and can take tap water – there have been a lot of reports lately about it being unsafe.

The truth is that you shouldn’t – tap water in most parts of the world has proven to be contaminated with all sorts of unhealthy metals and chemicals, including Lead.


Lead can lead to serious developmental problems in foetuses and infants in some cases even adults.

So, what should you be drinking?

Water still remains a necessary and healthy alternative and when many pregnant women choose to avoid tap water they turn to bottled water.

The fact is that this may not be such a good option either.

To start with, there are no guarantees that it is any purer than the water that comes from your tap – there are many water bottling companies that get their water straight from the tap metals, impurities and all.

Secondly, bottled water is an expensive alternative – if every time you feel thirsty you reach for tap water you will end up spending hundreds of pounds during your pregnancy.

The best thing to do is to purify your own tap water using a water filter jug.

These water filter jugs are becoming increasingly popular as the dangers of tap water become apparent.

They are water filter jugs that are fitted with a special filter that traps metals and other impurities that are present in your tap water.

These water filter jugs are highly affordable as well as dependable – all you need to do is change the filter about once a month. The water filters themselves are also quite cheap, as you will be getting pure water at a very affordable price.

It is important to choose water filter jugs carefully – not all of them are what they are hyped up to be.

Choose a brand that is known to work and that lasts a long time.

Look into the price before you buy – some of these jugs or water filtration systems can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds and they don’t necessarily do a better job than those that cost less than one 25 £.

The water filter jug that you choose will also be determined by the size of your family – there are some that are big enough to filter water for a large family. There are also water filter bottles that you can carry around with you just to ensure that when you get thirsty when you are on the move you can hydrate safely.

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