Plastic Fibers Found In 83% Of All The World’s Water Supplies

plastic bottles eating planet earth

Plastic bottles destroying our world oceans and earth.

A new study has found that 83% of all tap water is contaminated with plastic fibres.

This is no surprise when you take into account how much plastic we consume – every time you throw away a plastic bag, bottle or container, or anything else that is made up of plastic it ends up in the soil or in a water body.

Plastic takes a long time to disappear but when it eventually breaks down it ends up in the soil and eventually in your tap water.

You may assume that because you live in a clean city your tap water is safe.

 This, in fact, is not the case. 

Plastic fibres have been found in water supplies of  some of the cleanest cities in the world.

So what can you do about it?

One of the safest and cheapest solutions is a water filter jug from us.

These are jugs that are fitted with a special water filter that removes many contaminants.

Our water filter jugs are becoming more and more popular because people realise that they work, and even more so as they reduce their costs. Because they are more affordable than bottled water.

For less than £25 you can ensure that every drop of water that you drink is pure and safe.

Zerowater water filter jug

Our water filter jugs don’t just remove those nasty plastic fibres from your tap or drinking water. But they also remove i.e. dangerous metals such as lead, copper, selenium and manymore other types of common contaminants found in UK based your water supplies.

There are many different types of water filter jugs available in the market and they are designed to remove different types of contaminants.

When you are buying a water filter jug, look at the manufacturer specs to ensure that it can strip all the contaminants that are present in your local water supply.

It is important to change the filter in your jug as directed by the manufacturer – if you leave it working for too long the contaminants are fed back into your water supply, making it even more hazardous.

The average life span for a filter is around one month.

We are a market leading retailer of the most reliable water filter jugs in the UK.

We try to stock a large variety of jugs and filters.

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