Which Water Filter Jug Features do I need?

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Incomparable Features in a Water Filter Jug

Water is essential in everyone’s life. It occupies a more significant percentage of the body compared to any other minerals.

The most challenging issue that seems to take most of the people’s lives is in making sure they have access to clean water.

There are various methods of water purification and filtration that have worked for ages. Water filter jugs are among the many ways used over time.

Culligan ZeroWater’s water filter jugs guarantee freshness and almost 0% impurity or TDS in the water that you drink.

The choice of a water filter jug is simple though needs keenness on landing the right one.

We will review unique features that our Culligan ZeroWater water Filter won’t miss out on.

Type of Water Filter Jug

With so many varieties in the market, our Culligan ZeroWater water filter jug beats the ordinary model in the market, with excellent purification details that get rid of many dissolved solids leaving it pure as distilled water.

Culligan ZeroWater has compiled a comparative list of contaminants it removes here: https://zerowater.co.uk/pages/what-does-zerowater-remove

Having the right type of a water filter jug in mind when shopping for one is essential and saves you the time to walk around looking for one that you know nothing about.

Water Filtration and Purification Method
Our Culligan ZeroWater jugs are designed with a 5 stage pour-through system undergoing five stages of filtration, unlike the other mechanical types that may take even more steps.

It uses Ion exchange technology, unlike the ordinary carbon method.

Culligan ZeroWater water filter system 5 stage infographic

We guaranteed longevity and extended use of our water filter jugs. An important aspect to look at is  how durable and efficient your water filter jug is. Ours can process 150 Litres before replacement is required. This is efficient enough as it reduces the cost of buying bottled water and saves time too.

The service of our Culligan ZeroWater water filters has visible features that give directions for use. An indicator helps detect when the cartridge needs replacement. A TDS meter helps identify the level of water contamination you are experiencing.
Copper contanimant
Inorganic products such as Chlorine, Fluoride, Zinc or Copper metals together with other contaminants are instantly removed in purification. This is what one should look for in our Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugs. The By-product should be pure water that is free from any form of contamination.

Culligan ZeroWater has compiled a comparative list of contaminants it removes here: https://zerowater.co.uk/pages/what-does-zerowater-remove

Our water filter jugs have a 90 Day Warranty from the date of purchase. We provide replacements on any faulty products when noticed within the warranty period.

Hurry and enjoy our quality and highly efficient water filter jugs which solid guarantees. This may ensure your water purity and even more healthy water for you and your family.Our Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugs are designed to give you clean water with a minimal energy consumption so very green credentials. 

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