ZeroWater & Robert Dyas – A Positive Environmental Partnership, Taking Care of You, and the Planet

ZeroWater & Robert Dyas - A Positive Environmental Partnership, Taking Care of You, and the Planet

At ZeroWater we have some exciting news to share! The excellent UK hardware retailer Robert Dyas who sell a range of ZeroWater jugs and dispensers, will also be providing recycling bins specifically for ZeroWater filter cartridges from the 3rd of April this year! By offering this essential service, Robert Dyas is aiding ZeroWater’s mission to help cut down on waste and protect our planet.

Robert Dyas –  Making Recycling Easy

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By providing recycling bins for ZeroWater filter cartridges, Robert Dyas have made it more convenient for you, our most valued customers, to recycle. Instead of having to search for a recycling centre or landfill that accepts used water filters, you can simply drop them off at your nearest Robert Dyas outlet. To find your local store, click here.

Recycle to help save the planet

Recycle metals and alloys, paper, plastic and glas to help save the planet!

The Importance of Recycling Your Water Filters

Plastic production and disposal is a major environmental issue. Plastic production requires the extraction and processing of non-renewable resources like oil and natural gas, which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

Additionally, plastic production generates significant amounts of waste and pollution, including air and water pollution, as well as solid waste in the form of discarded plastic products.

Many plastic products are used only once before being thrown away, which contributes to the proliferation of plastic waste in the environment.

Plastic waste can take hundreds of years to decompose and can cause harm to wildlife and ecosystems if not properly disposed of.

Improperly discarded plastic waste can also end up in our oceans, where it can harm marine life and contribute to the formation of large-scale oceanic pollution patches.

At ZeroWater we are passionate about environmental sustainability.

We discourage the use of single use plastics, and encourage recycling used water filters; the environmental benefits of which are 3-fold:

  1. By recycling water filters, we can help reduce the amount of waste going to landfills and minimise the impact on the environment.
  2. By recycling the materials used in water filters, such as plastics and metals, which are non-renewable resources, we conserve valuable resources by reducing the need for new raw materials to be extracted and processed.
  3. Recycling water filters requires less energy than producing new filters from virgin materials. For example, recycling plastic requires about two-thirds less energy than manufacturing new plastic from raw materials, helping to reduce the associated environmental impacts of not only energy consumption, but also greenhouse gas emissions, and water use.

How Drinking Filtered Water Helps the Environment

By choosing to invest in filtered water rather than buying bottled water, you have made a positive environmental decision, as bottled water requires large amounts of energy and resources to produce, transport, and refrigerate.

In contrast, using a water filter to treat tap water is a more environmentally friendly option.

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Filtering tap water using a ZeroWater filter reduces 99.6% of all total dissolved solids, including contaminants such as Iron, Lead, Asbestos and Arsenic, for the clearest tasting water that doesn’t cost the earth.

To enjoy ZeroWater on the move, why not check out our Stainless Steel Bottles, portable bottles and UV-C Caps from Waatr, which are significantly less harmful to the environment than single use alternatives.

Protecting our Planet

 Choosing to drink ZeroWater instead of buying bottled water and opting to recycle our unique 5 stage advanced water filter cartridges, will help to reduce the environmental impact of our daily activities, and is a positive step towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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