‘Potentially Dangerous’ amounts of Arsenic in 6 Brands of Bottled Water!

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Ashley Coleman reported on the 19th of April that six major brands of bottled water contained dangerous amounts of Arsenic.

You can read the article here: Consumer Reports investigation finds ‘potentially dangerous’ amounts of arsenic in 6 brands of bottled water, including one from Whole Foods.

The consumers report from Ryan Felton can be found here: Arsenic in Some Bottled Water Brands at Unsafe Levels, Consumer Reports Says.

Some extracts from the mentioned article and report.

The US federal limit for the levels of Arsenic found in bottled water is 10 parts per billion (ppb), but CR noted that current research indicates that water can be dangerous to ingest over time if it has as much as 3 ppb of arsenic in it.

CR’s investigation found the Mexican bottled-water brand Peñafiel contained arsenic levels that exceeded the federal limit, and five others with arsenic levels at 3 ppd or higher — including Whole Foods’ brand of water.

You might be asking : ‘How is it possible Arsenic gets into our water, Eco-systems & Bottled water’?

  • Arsenic is naturally present at high levels in the groundwater of a number of countries.
  • Arsenic is highly toxic in its inorganic form.
  • Contaminated water used for drinking, food preparation and irrigation of food crops is a threat to public health from Arsenic.
  • Arsenic is a natural component in our earth’s crust and widely distributed throughout our environment in the air, water and land.
  • Industrial processes, eating contaminated food and smoking tobacco are among the highest contributors to Arsenic levels in humans of all ages. Stop smoking it is BAD for you!
Arsenic levels in 6 Brands of bottled water are too high

The dangers of cigarette smoke

The Health Implications of Arsenic are Crystal Clear

Wikipedia sums it up quite well:

Arsenic poisoning is a medical condition that occurs due to elevated levels of Arsenic in the body.

If Arsenic poisoning occurs over a very brief period of time Wikipedia warns the symptoms can include:

  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain
  • encephalopathy
  • watery diarrhea.

Long-term exposure can result in:

  • thickening of the skin,
  • darker skin,
  • abdominal pain,
  • diarrhea,
  • heart disease
  • numbness
  • cancer.

The most common reason for long-term exposure is contaminated drinking water.  Groundwater most often becomes contaminated naturally; however, contamination may also occur from mining or agriculture

Wikipedia informs us the recommended levels in water are less than 10–50 µg/L (10–50 parts per billion)

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Arsenic levels in 6 Brands of bottled water are to high

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