Water filters and Jugs – How are they Tested or Certified?

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Water filter jugs are designed to ensure you obtain clean, healthy and chemical-free water suitable for human or pet consumption. Similarly, they are tested and certified to remove certain compounds such as Aluminium, Calcium, and other elements which might have seeped into your local water supply and or drinking water. With years of extensive industry experience, Culligan ZeroWater believes you should always get more or a better quality of drinking water when utilising our jugs and water filters.

You can find out how our water filters works here.

This is why we have all our water filters and jugs tested on regular basis by third parties. It is also the reason why we can claim Culligan ZeroWater’s water filters reduce almost 100% of all dissolved solids from your tap water. This means you get an affordable water filter and jug that delivers clean and healthy drinking water when you are on the move or at home.

Here are some reasons why we surpass even Brita-Maxtra with our signature water filters and jugs :

  • Our Culligan ZeroWater jugs reduce almost 100% of all dissolved solids, which is higher than Brita-Maxtra in the UK, which has an average reduction rate of around only 49.6%.
  • Culligan ZeroWater effectively reduces Fluoride, Chlorine and other harmful elements and chemicals in your tap water.
  • Culligan ZeroWater jugs are certified for Chromium and Lead reduction in your drinking water.

The Essentials of Water Testing and Certification

Do you know that over 90% of home and business owners have little to no knowledge of water filters and jugs and how they are tested or certified?

Moreover, most families on average consume two litres or 8 glasses of water per day, which is the recommended daily consumption for an adult. This comes to around 3,000 litres per year of domestic water consumption for one adult. With this in mind, Culligan ZeroWater water filter products are tested and certified to the highest environmental rules and regulations. This includes reputed labs that test our filters and jugs for contaminant reduction. In this way we can keep protecting all our new and existing customers families by providing an affordable and sustainable source of fresh and healthy drinking water.

Culligan ZeroWater is not about making sales or simply pushing our products onto the public at large. We are genuinely committed to your health – and that of your loved ones. With this in mind, our extensive line of Culligan ZeroWater Starter Kits, Portable Water Filter Bottles, 7-Cup Jugs, 10-12 Cup Jugs, and 23 Cup Dispensers have passed stringent testing requirements and criteria.


This includes but is not limited to:

•   Testing our water filters, bottles, jugs and product accessories so they are proven to abide by all of the environmental health department’s guidelines and regulations.
•   Culligan ZeroWater utilises respected third party laboratories which have tested our products and the competitors’ products on their respective reduction or removal rates of many total dissolved solids which might be harmful to you. Many locations in Britain have water supplies which when tested report higher then usual percentages of harmful compounds. Compounds such as Aluminium, Calcium, Chlorine, Fluoride, Chromium and Lead.
•  Our water jug filtration systems remove almost 100% of all dissolved solids from your tap water and it comes with a free TDS meter. This prevents things such as Nitrate – Nitrite, Arsenic and many volatile organic chemicals and pesticides from gaining a foothold within your UK home or business drinking water.
•  In addition, our water filter testing checks for the reduction of various metals from your drinking water, including common metals such as Copper, Lead and Zinc.

These tests play a vital role in enabling Culligan ZeroWater to offer the best and most affordable water filter jugs across the UK. Similarly, our systems reduce contaminants and impurities from your drinking water, to ensure cleaner H2O for your family friends, visitors and staff alike.

What you should look for in any water filter or jug?

When shopping online for the right water filter jug, there are several things to keep in mind. For one, you must perform adequate product research and ask plenty of questions. At, Culligan ZeroWater, we are always ready to answer your questions in a timely and professional manner. This includes detailed water filter product information, along with images, reviews, price comparisons, and industry and health-related news articles.

We also offer the following for our home or business customers:

  • Water filters that state how long they will last for or have been tested for. Check it out here.
  • Testing and certification that ensure safe, clean and healthy drinking water.
  • Detailed information on which contaminants our Culligan ZeroWater filter jugs pinpoint, address or can reduce or remove. This includes Chlorine and Fluoride, as well as comparative independent testing for reduction or removal rates of many compounds.
  • A professional customer service, a cost-affordable water filter jug and replacement water filter, dispensers, and all the information you need to make a worthwhile and informed purchasing decision.

The Culligan ZeroWater Difference

With so many water filtration systems on the market today, what sets Culligan ZeroWater apart from Brita-Maxtra and other competitors?

For one, Culligan ZeroWater is the only company that can reduce almost ALL total dissolved solids in your tap water. In fact, we offer free water quality meters with all our jugs for added convenience and DIY testing and reviews. Total dissolved solids (TDS) include salt, metals, and contaminants like Radium, Chromium and other chemicals that get into your drinking water via things such as old piping or run-offs from local industries.

Ask yourself are you willing to risk your health by consuming unhealthy water right from your tap at home? With Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugs, you get a water filter that reduces almost ALL total dissolved solids for the best and most healthy tasting drinking water. You can also visit our website here to see how many litres of water you and yours could be filtering.

With informative charts and figures, you are able to make the right choice across the board. As always, our filters meet FDA approval comparable to bottled water. Similarly, you can choose from a product range which suits any size of family you might have.

For more information on Culligan ZeroWater water filters, simply contact us today or visit our website at here.

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