The 20 Wellness Improvements You Gain when Drinking ‘More’ Water

Lifestyle & Wellness Improvements - drink more water

You have heard it said hundreds, possibly thousands of times before. Substantial lifestyle & wellness improvements can be gained if we would start to drink more water. Most of us should be drinking more water. Yet, when we drew up our New Years resolutions for 2019 drinking more water didn’t make it onto the list of lifestyle & wellness improvements we planned to achieve in 2019. For too many of us, water is something that they know they should consume more, but we ignore this medical fact. Whenever we feel thirsty we tend to reach for more flavorful beverages such as coffee or juices. These drinks all also contain high levels of sugar and are know to have even more detrimental effects on our young children’s health.

You may ask yourself Why You should Drink ‘more’ Water?

Water is much more beneficial to your overall health and the lifestyle & wellness improvements we stand to gain are in many cases literally ‘life changing’. Especially when compared to the type of common beverages we tend to consume today when we feel thirsty.

We invite you to read the following list of 20 lifestyle & wellness improvements you could gain by drinking ‘more’ water.

Consider these 20 Lifestyle & Wellness Improvements You could gain if one of your New Years resolutions would have been to drink ‘more’ water.

Lifestyle & Wellness Improvements

ZeroWater’s 20 Lifestyle & Wellness Improvements achieved when drinking ‘more’ water.

Your Wellness & Lifestyle improves when you start to hydrate your body more!

  1. Water will make you feel more alert – your brain, just like your body, is made up of mostly water. When you don’t drink enough water you will feel tired more often and you will have a hard time staying focused. Many people will reach for coffee thinking this will fix it. You can gain that feeling of ‘high’ temporarily from the caffeine. Most of us don’t realise that drinking more water will achieve the same result without the often added sugars.
  2. Do you experience digestive problems? Constipation is a common problem that plagues many of us in all age groups and across the UK. If you have a hard time with bowel movements you should simply increase your water and fiber intake.
  3. If you drink more water you will lubricate your joints and remain supple and agile for a much longer period in your life. People who are keen on hydration are able to keep off joint pains until much later in their life when compared to others which do not drink enough water.
  4. Drinking more water is a sure way to keep your skin looking perky. If you have spend thousands of pounds every year on makeup to get rid of tired looking skin and the dark circles under your eyes you should consider directing some of that money towards more healthy hydration.
  5. Do you suffer from bad breath despite brushing your teeth twice daily and flossing? The problem could be that you are not drinking enough water. Water allows your body to produce sufficient levels of saliva which is necessary for killing many of the bacteria in your mouth’s cavity. To get rid of bad breathe make sure to brush and rinse properly then sip on a glass of water throughout the day. If you tend to wake up in the middle of the night, try to drink a mouthful of water as this is when bacteria are most active.
  6. If you feel sluggish you should try drinking more water. Water constitutes or is a vital component in all your body’s cells that carry oxygen around, which is why it is recommended that you hydrate before and during exercise or period of intense and hard manual work or laboring.
  7. As our summers continue to become hotter and hotter more people are finding themselves susceptible to heat stress. Water helps keep the body cool and boosts the body’s ability to stay cool even in very hot periods or seasons and climates. Next summer try to drink more water and you will feel a lot healthier every day.
  8. Water is essential for flushing waste which are byproducts of our cells metabolism. more water helps you flush them out of your body’s system. So, before you launch yourself head over heels into your next extreme detox program. Consider increasing your levels of hydration instead. You will be surprised to see you can achieve that wanted detox by simply increasing your hydration levels. Trust us it works and is a medical fact accepted and recommended by many of our GP’s, health advisors and even the government in Britain.
  9. It is recommended that people who suffer from asthma and other respiratory conditions drink more water as it helps keep the airways clean and reduces the severity and frequency of the attacks.
  10. Most vitamins and minerals require water in order to get absorbed into our body. You may be very keen on taking a variety of supplements and eating ample fresh fruits and vegetables but if you aren’t drinking enough water you could simply be flushing all their goodness down the toilet. For optimum health benefits and wellness take your supplements, eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.
  11. Insufficient water can lead to serious kidney and liver problems. Your kidneys and liver require water in order to filter effectively. Your body’s levels of waste will improve and your kidneys and liver will be able to do so for far much longer. For each day you aren’t properly hydrated your liver and kidneys have to labour extra hard to achieve this crucial role they play in your body’s metabolism. Ignore this and eventually they could fail and put your life at risk. If you overload your body with too high levels or volumes of i.e alcohol.
  12. Drinking water can help you towards your weight loss goals. Research has shown that a lot of times when people think they are hungry they are actually thirsty. If you feel hungry after meals you should try drinking water instead of eating all those sugar rich snacks.
  13. When you are properly hydrated your overall sense of well-being improves. If you tend to wake in the  mornings feeling rather low on energy try to drink a couple of glasses of water and your mood and energy levels will slowly increase giving you the feeling much more pleasant feeling of wellness.
  14. Do you consume a lot of alcohol? Research has shown that many people in the UK drink more than is good for them, and one way to cleanse your system from these toxins is to drink lots and lots of water to make the hang over disappear. After a night of heavy drinking hydrate properly and the next morning you will not feel as hung over.
  15. If you suffer from frequent UTI’s (Chronic Urinary Tract Infections) it may be your body telling you that you aren’t consuming enough water – your kidneys aren’t flushing out all that they should.
  16. If you have ever suffered kidney stones before you are at risk of developing them again. If, however, you drink more water you reduce the chances of it happening again.
  17. If you suffer from brittle hair and nails you may get some relief by drinking more water. Those amongst us who are keen on hydration tend to have healthier hair & scalp, skin and nails.
  18. If you are curious or would like to compare and find out if drinking more water really works wonders. You should compare the skins of a middle-aged man or woman who drinks varied amounts of water. The differences will be rather obvious, as water keeps wrinkles and fine lines away, you will feel better and look much younger when compared to people who drink less water.
  19. If you work out often you know just how painful muscle cramps can be. One way to ensure that your muscles will not build up so many acids over time is to drink more water. Your muscles are made of around 75% water and when they are dehydrated they will react and you will experience cramps.
  20. Mild headaches can also be an indication that you are not drinking enough water. Before you reach for any form of painkillers try this remedy. Simply drink a couple of glasses of water the next time you experience any forms of headaches.

How much water should you drink for an optimal and healhty lifestyle?

The debate about how much water we should drink has been going on for a long time. It is recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses a day. Some people find this too little, others too much. As long as you drink at least 5 or 6 glasses a day and you don’t feel the need to hydrate with other beverages you are probably drinking enough.

Drink more water in hot seasons or adjust your intake based on the climate and biosphere conditions around you. Hot climates and summer will make your body lose more water by sweating more.

Make sure that you have always have access to ample and healthy water supplies. Tap water can contain many contaminants that can lead to other health problems.

Lifestyle & Wellness Improvements

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The Conclusions

Hopefully this will have convinced you why you too could dramatically improve your overall wellness, lifestyle, lifespan and life quality.