This is How You can say ‘Farewell’ to Buying Bottled Water and all those Single Use Plastic bottles!

If your New Year’s resolutions had anything to do with you making a pledge to start living a more healthy life style. Or maybe, you promised to do your bit in terms of helping to reduce the mountain of single use plastic bottles and sachets our modern packaging industry produces. Well we might just make that resolution come true a little bit easier. ZeroWater can only recommend that you buy one of our ZeroWater portable water filters.

ZeroWater portable water filter

We will explain in this news article why we think it would be of great benefit to a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. We also explain why your decision to invest in a ZeroWater portable water filter will help improve the world we live in or our environment and biosphere.

Was Your New Years Resolution to Drink More Water?

As far as a healthy life style goes. We can only keep repeating the numerous health benefits which come with drinking more water. Healthy water that is full of goodness for you and your body.

So, if one of your New Year’s Resolution’s was the need to drink more water then look no further. We provide the perfect solution here.

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Many people don’t drink enough water, even though they would like to do so. Setting it as a new year’s resolutions comes as no surprise. People typically would like to become healthier, more successful, or even both at the same time in the new year. Drinking more water on a regular basis can certainly help people get to that point.

It’s a always a good idea to set reasonable and realistic goals for the New Year. Deciding to write a novel might not be practical. Since writing a novel is harder than people think. More, it can take more time than they have.

People won’t always be able to control certain aspects of their lives. However, people can certainly control how much water they drink. They’ll be able to get the benefits associated with drinking more water right away. There’s no doubt about the medical facts and findings that drinking lots of fresh water is healthy for all of us. The recommended dose is anywhere between 6-8 glasses of water every day.

So, we have established that your New Years resolution classifies as a good one to have and common. Now let ZeroWater help it make achievable for you. Last, but not least, it will also help to make you more happy and healthy.

Let Us Give You a list of the 10 Best Lifestyle Reasons to Drink More Water on a Regular Basis

People have certainly heard that it’s healthy to drink lots of water. But they don’t always understand why this is the case. People who better understand why water is good for them will usually be more easy to convince to increase their intake and therefore their overall health will be better. They’ll be able to make informed choices more easily when it comes to their personal drinking habits.

1. Stress Management

For many people, it’s difficult to maintain a lifestyle that isn’t stressful. However, stress is a health problem in its own right. Stress hormones can cause a lot of damage throughout the body. Some of the diseases associated with aging can actually be accelerated by stress. People who experienced lower stress levels tend to live longer. It’s important to fight stress, and water can help people do just that.

Dehydration can cause stress, even if the dehydration is only mild. People often find that they’ll feel better after relaxing with a glass of water. In some cases, they’re literally giving their brains the water that they need. People need to hydrate their minds. They also need to hydrate their other organs, including the skin.

ZeroWater portable water filter - healthier skin drink more water

2. Skin Health – Look Healthy

People who have glowing skin often also are found to drink a lot of water. All our skin’s cells need to be hydrated. People who have well hydrated skins will look younger and healthier. When people drink enough water, their blood circulation will also improve. Therefore, your skin and body will get the oxygen and nutrients it needs. Resulting in overall health improvements and a dkin that is well-nourished and youthful. Water can remove toxins from the skin and from the digestive track. So your water consumption also influences your inside.

3. Prevention of Kidney Stones

Some people are more likely then others to develop kidney stones. There is a varied number of medical reason why you could develop one. Dehydration is by far the most common cause resulting in the development of the kidney stones. People suffering from chronic problems with dehydration are also good candidates. Some of the toxins found in urine can contribute to the development and formation of kidney stones. However, people who drink a lot of water are less likely to develop kidney stones. So increasing your daily intake or the volume of water you drink daily. Could keep the kidney stones from developing. So, if you drink more water. You are not going to have to worry about this problem as much. It will help to avoid painful and frustrating kidney stones or at least reduce the risk you will form one. Drinking more water also improves the digestion of all the food you eat. We discuss this in more detail in the point below.

4. Healthy Digestion

People who don’t drink enough water will often run into subtle but almost chronic digestive problems. The colon functions more effectively when properly hydrated, and this is the case for the rest of the digestive organs and tissues. People who have issues with constipation will sometimes find that they’ll get better again when they start to drink more water. Headaches can relate to constipation, and the people who drink enough water will get rid of both.

5. Headache Management

People who get headaches all the time will sometimes have underlying medical conditions. In other cases, the might just be dehydrated. So make sure that you are able to drink enough water at all times. This will in some cases be all you need to do. To make the headache go away. It’s always a good idea, to try something like drinking more water. Before you make the more drastic decision to swallow a tablet. All this in order to make the headache subside. People who often experience issues with fatigue should try the same tip for the same reasons.

ZeroWater portable water filter - higher energy levels drink more water
6. Higher Energy Levels

People who find themselves feeling tired all the time. Will often be tea or coffee drinkers. They dehydrate themselves more then others due to their specific drinking habits and beverages of choice. If you are in this category. You too should consider to drop some of the brews and or coffee and replace them with fresh and healthy water. Water doesn’t contain any energy or calories as such. But it’s an important component in almost all biological processes in your body and therefore also your energy levels. Your cells will not work optimally in terms of producing energy if they are not properly hydrated. People will improve their overall health and energy levels by simply drinking more water. This will also help you to become more energetic in the process.

7. Weight Maintenance

Having a fluctuating weight can cause many health issues or problems. People who maintain the same weight for years will usually be healthier, and water can help them with that. People will improve their metabolic rates by drinking enough water. They will also feel more satiated when they drink water. Since drinking water will help people maintain a good exercise regimen, it will help make weight maintenance even easier.

ZeroWater portable water filter - drink more water whil excercising

8. Fitness

People who drink enough water will be less likely to run into problems with muscle cramps. Muscle cramps can stop someone from working out. So it is very important to drink water while doing fitness. More,  correct levels of hydration can improve a person’s joints. See our point below for more info. So, try drinking more water while doing fitness. It will also help to maintain your fitness levels for longer periods after you left the gym. More water has long-term benefits to so try making it a new habit when exercising anywhere.

9. Joint Health

Having healthy joints is very important, and drinking enough water can help with that. Water can actually provide lubrication for the joints in our body, especially the knees. Some people will find that their joint’s pain will disappear or get better as a result of their improved water drinking habits. Since the immune system is connected to joint health, the fact that drinking more water can promote immune health will just make things even better for you if you decide to drink more water.

10. Immune System Health

Many of the people who have immune system problems will struggle with getting enough water. People are always told to drink more fluids when they get colds for a reason. The immune system functions more effectively when the body is properly hydrated. The people who have immune problems can benefit from drinking more water. A water filter jug can help.

ZeroWater portable water filter - motivate all around you to drink more water

Now that we have given you 10 New Lifestyle Reasons to drink More Water!
You might be asking yourself: ‘Yes, but, ‘How do I achieve that?’

Our ZeroWater portable water filter can help you change your water drinking habits. It’s too expensive to rely on bottled water, and single use plastic bottled water is polluting our environment. A portable water filter from ZeroWater solves both problems. It also makes sure you always have healthy water handy. This will allow you to achieve your New Year’s resolution of living a healthier life style more easily.

It can also motivate you to drink enough water in the first place, while making it much more practical and convenient to do so. We always try to improve our customers life styles and hope this idea will help you achieve the health goals you set for 2019.

You can find out more about our entire product range of water filters on our website here.

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