UK Heatwave: Are You Dehydrated? Are You Drinking Enough Water?

UK Heatwave: Dehydration WARNING, Are You Drinking Enough Water?

The rising temperatures have been a struggle for many people this week, but the key to coping with heatwaves in the UK and hot weather is to drink Plenty of water. If you are experiencing UK Heatwave Dehydration symptoms then continue reading. So, You must drink Plenty of Water too stay Cool. It Cools you Down when You drink lots of it,  but You also do it to ensure You stay well Hydrated. This in-turn keeps our Bodies and cells functioning more optimally or properly.

How much H2O should You drink during a Heatwave in Britain?

With each heatwave striking the UK we all are exposed to a high number of health risks. In this news article we will mostly address the one we can help resolve.

Dehydration has a very adverse effect on your well being.

Young children, pregnant woman and the elderly will experience even more difficulties in coping with its environmental side effects..

UK Heatwave Dehydration WARNING

Take extra care when pregnant

This said we also would like to expand on our first warning. Dehydration is NOT the only health risk most Brits face with each heatwave. Each heatwave will also bring higher risks for things such as:

  • Heat strokes
  • Sun burns and skin problems

British Research: On our typical Hydration Levels Says

A recent study from Britain’s First Alkaline Ionised Water Company ACTIPH, found:

-only 10 per cent of adults consume the suggested 1.4-1.8 litres a day

only 19 per cent were aware of the daily recommended water intake

The British Nutrition Foundation encourages:

drinking “plenty” of water during the summer months, due to the absence of sugar, calories and additives

Despite the Increasing Hot Weather:

-only 26 per cent claimed to feel thirsty and 72 per cent reported to have experienced fatigue due to dehydration


16 per cent reported experiencing dizziness or lightheaded, and 24 per cent had problems concentratingMore in-depth Reading

We have written numerous articles on similar subjects and recommend you revisit them to get a more complete or better understanding of all the reasons why water is such a vital nutrient in any healthy lifestyle.

For more in-depth reading on the sun burn and skin related problems we recommend a visit to

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