‘YourBestDigs.com’ recommends our ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Jug!

'YourBestDigs.com' recommends our ZeroWater 10 cup water filter jug!


‘YourBestDigs.com’ recommends our ZeroWater 10 cup water filter jug:

'YourBestDigs.com' recommends our ZeroWater 10 cup water filter jug - Our ZeroWater 10 Cup Water filter Jug

The Best Jug: ZeroWater 10 Cup Jug

YourBestDigs.com, one of the top reviewers of home products has decided as follows:

The ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Jug is the best water purifier that you can find in the market today!

Who is ‘YourBestDigs.com’ ?

‘YourBestDigs.com’ is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to bringing consumers the best products in all categories so that they can have optimal gadgets. They spent more than 30 hours looking at some of the best water filter jugs in the market. ZeroWater’s 10 cup water filter jug proved to be the one that delivers the purest water at the best price.

The Tests – Here is what was looked at:

1. Water Filter Quality

Safe to Drink

Every water filter jug in the market comes fitted with a filter to strip out contaminants. So it makes sense that when looking at the quality of water filter jugs one should look at the quality of filters. When compared with other brands in the market, such as Brita Maxtra’s pitchers, which is another excellent brand,

YourBestDigs.com‘ found that ZeroWater’s 10 cup the only one in the market that strips all contaminants from water. Whether you are worried about the presence of plastic fibers, Lead, Copper,Zinc or other metals in your local water supply the ZeroWater 10 Cup will strip them all away from your tap water and make it completely healthy to drink again.

2. User Reviews

As more and more people come to the realisation that tap water is no longer safe to drink they are turning to water filters and or bottled water which is not really an option.

There is no way to be assured of the quality of bottled water. More, bottled water has been found to contain plastic fibres and the waste contaminates our environment. Those who have invested in water filter jugs consistently report that they get the best quality of water from ZeroWater products, the 10 Cup in particular.

3. Ergonomics

Ergonomics are important when it comes to a water filter jug.The jugs are used to move water around and since water is heavy the jug needs to be designed with this and the user in mind.

The ZeroWater 10 cup nomination was based on the fact that it is the easiest to carry and feels balanced in the hand even when it is full of water.

The jug is also easy to pour out of. That is not to say that the ZeroWater 10 cup is a looker. There are better looking water filter jugs in the market, but when it comes to ease of use it is the best that you can find in the market today.

4. Filtering Speed

The speed at which a water filter jug can give you a clean glass of water matters. You don’t want to wait around for minutes on end before you can quench your thirst.

The ZeroWater 10 cup water filter jug is not the fastest jug in the market. There are a couple of other brands that are faster. The thing you have to keep in mind is this. While these other jugs may be faster, they do not strip all the contaminants the way the ZeroWater water filter jug does. The aim of using a water filter jug is to get rid of all contaminants, so you are better off using a slower filter that gives you more pure water than a faster one which doesn’t quite get the job done.

In case you are wondering how long it takes, you will need to wait for about 1 minute and fifty seconds before you can get a clean glass of water to drink.

5. Taste

Taste is the one aspect that is hard to get a consensus about when it comes to water filter jugs. Some consumers complain that filtered water doesn’t taste like anything. While others say that it tastes refreshing and clean.

If you don’t like the taste of water from your ZeroWater 10 cup jug don’t worry. In a few days you will be used to it. The only reason why it tastes different is because it has been stripped of contaminants that you are used to tasting.

We are sure will wont to buy Your ZeroWater 10 Cup Water Filter Jug today from ZeroWater. Just visit our website we offer jugs in many sizes and price ranges.