Is Your Tap Water Neutral or Balanced?
The Science about Water and its pH.

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Why Choose ZeroWater?

There are many benefits when you chose a water filter jug made by ZeroWater for your home or office.

For one, we have the only gravity-fed filtration system that matches the TDS levels found in purified or bottled water.

In fact, our cutting-edge water filtration system is NSF Certified to Reduce Lead and other heavy metals.

You can find a comparative and comprehensive list here, of all things the ZeroWater filters remove from your tap water.

Our products have also been recommended by The Good Housekeeping Research Institute – and their studies showed that ZeroWater’s water filter jugs remove more contaminants that Brita or other competitors. With this in mind, ZeroWater is truly a must have for all homes and commercial establishments across the UK.

What About PH Balances in Water?

Water pH is crucial in determining overall water quality.

The pH – in water – essentially represents the amount of hydrogen ions that are present. This helps measure the water’s acidity or alkalinity – with low pH indicating acidity and high pH indicating alkalinity.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended pH for drinking water is 6.5 – 8.

While these figures may vary, it depends on which governing body or water manufacturers you contact.

However, if taking your blood pH in consideration, the right amount for drinking water is pH 7-8.

With this in mind, ZeroWater offers the best tasting, chemical free and purified water on the market today.

From UK homes to businesses, we offer great products that maintain proper pH balances, while not being too alkaline or acidic.

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