Worried About Selenium in Your Water Supply?

Selenium found in yur tap water? - Illustration of the element Selenium

Selenium is a naturally occurring metal in many ores, and it is mined for its use in the manufacturing of electronics, pharmacy products, glass, pesticides, rubber and pigments. Sadly enough some localities might find too much Selenium in their water supplies.

Most rocks and soil contain Selenium and it most often gets released in two manners. It evaporate into the air and or dissolve into water tables naturally through erosion, but this process releases trace amounts that are safe for us.

Manufacturing, the other manner that selenium can be released into our water, is the process that releases high amounts of this metal into the air and water tables. Studies have shown that it is now making its way into our tap water.

Should you worry about the presence of Selenium in your tap water?  

As a matter of fact you should.

Your body needs low levels of Selenium in order to function properly, but if you consume high amounts of it there are risks.

In the short time people who drink water that contains a lot of Selenium or foods that are contaminated with it experience nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The health risks in the long term are more serious – you may suffer hair and nail loss as well as neurological problems.

You can find out whether there is Selenium in your water by having it tested.

If you find that it is indeed present in your tap water the most affordable solution would be to buy one of ZeroWater’s water filter jug.

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Our 5 stage water filters will remove not only Selenium but other metals such as Copper and Lead as well as other contaminants that can lead to illness.

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Our water filter jugs are veryaffordable and they’re a much better option than drinking bottled water.

You can buy one for less than £25 and all you need to do every month is remove and replace the filter.

Some people worry that these filters strip the water of minerals such as magnesium and calcium with are vital for proper bodily function.

If you are concerned about this you can replace any missing minerals by taking mineral supplements and eating a balanced diet.

You may find the water tasting bland the first few days – this is because it doesn’t have any minerals in it, but don’t worry, you will soon get used to the taste.

If you want to buy a water filter jug that will get the job done we recommend that you go to visit our website here: ZeroWater.

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5 stages water filter by ZeroWater explained