15 Useful Water Facts by Culligan ZeroWater

Everybody really should become more familiar with water.

It’s absolutely essential to regularly consume water.

Using our Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugs will make this so much easier for everyone involved. Still, many people don’t know why water is healthy.

zerowater water filter jug on a table in the kitchenThey just know that it is. Other people will end up believing a lot of odd misconceptions about water, which can be harmful. One way or another, it’s useful to learn more about it. Culligan ZeroWater is currently trying to inform more British people on the subject of water. Below we compiled a list of 15 very
useful water facts to help you understand better. Why the right hydration levels are so important for the human body.

15 Useful Water Facts

  1. The human body is 75 percent water. You may have heard that the human body contains even more water than that. However, if you’re 75% water, you’re still mostly water according to some standards.
  2. Around 95% of a cucumber is water. If you’re wondering whether or not cucumbers are good for you, you should know that they’re almost entirely water. They still have vitamins that you won’t get in normal tap water.
  3. If you switch from coffee to tea, you’ll use less water. The production of coffee can be very wasteful when it comes to water. It looks like tea actually is better for the environment after all.
  4. Switching from beef to chicken can help you save water. If you love meat and you want to reduce your water consumption, you can just eat chicken instead. Chickens don’t seem to drink much.
  5. Humans can’t survive more than seven days without water. Water really is life. This might be one of the most useful water facts around, since it shows just how much we all need water.
  6. The people who consume the most water are children under the age of six months. If you’re a parent, this is something that you probably guessed for yourself.
  7. To save water, one of the best things that you can do is stop using a lawn sprinkler. Your grass will be fine. If it needed to be watered that much, it never would have lasted without humans.
  8. A gallon of water weighs more than half a stone. If you’ve purchased water yourself before, you might have noticed that using one of our Culligan ZeroWater water filter jugs you can make that all a lot easier.
  9. Every time water enters a solid state, it starts to expand by about nine percent. This is one of the reasons why water is so valuable. It affects the world’s geography.
  10. The quantity of water that’s currently on the Earth has not changed in millions of years.All that water has just changed places. It has not actually disappeared.
    infographics: water cycle
  11. One of the best things that you can do for your skin is to drink enough water. Dehydrating yourself also means dehydrating your skin. You’ll notice it eventually.
  12. Showers are better than baths when it comes to saving water. It might seem like you use a lot of water in the shower, but you will still use more to take a bath.
  13. The healthiest beverage in the world is still water. Scientists have yet to create a beverage that is better for you than water. It hydrates the body without using added sugar or chemicals.
  14. Dehydration can cause painful headaches. If you’re reaching for an aspirin to soothe your headache, it’s possible that you’d get more benefits from the water that you used to take the aspirin.
  15. Even moderately active people need more water than sedentary people.It isn’t just athletes who need to be hydrating constantly. You might need more water after a walk.Anyone who is looking for more great news about water should look for Culligan ZeroWater online or call us, whether they need a new water filter jug or more fun water facts.


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