Hydration is Crucial when Exercising Post Lockdown!

Hydration is Crucial when Exercising Post Lockdown!

Many people are feeling with the end of lockdown that it is time to get back to our optimal, healthy selves again after a year of being trapped, stagnant and snacking indoors.

However, as many of us set out on a renewed quest to exercise and be healthy, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated.

Hydration is key when exercising and to stay healthy, as it can boost your immune system and keep your body functioning effectively.

What with gym’s newly reopened, we at ZeroWater feel it is a good time to remind people of the benefits and the importance of being hydrated, especially when exercising.

As gyms are now open many of us will be flocking back to try our hand at the treadmill once again. Exercise is of course a great way to get your body moving, to burn off some of the extra lockdown weight and to improve your mental health as well.

Many of us in fact have grown accustomed to homework outs during lockdown as they are a great and fun way keep you moving, and maintain your level of fitness. Therefore it’s a great habit to keep up even when lockdown is finished. You can even get the whole family involved by following along with enthusiastic, energetic work out videos on YouTube in your very own living room. P.E. with Joe Wicks is an excellent example of a homework out that benefits both  adults and children alike, as Wicks has since received an MBE for his amazing work keeping the British public and children active during lockdown – so you know he is the one to trust with your families fitness!

Whether you are exercising at the gym, out and about or in your living room, you must drink enough water to stay hydrated!

Hydration is Crucial when Exercising Post Lockdown! - Couple staying hydrated after workout

A young couple staying hydrated after good workout.

Why do We need to Stay Hydrated while Exercising?

Around 60% of your body is water and it plays a vital role in every bodily function. You can lose a lot of fluid when you exercise – as much as a litre or two an hour – mainly through sweating and breathing. So, you’ll need to drink more when you exercise.

If you don’t top this fluid back up, you can become dehydrated. This can affect both your general health and how well you can exercise. You’ll feel tired more quickly if you’re dehydrated, and you won’t be able to control your temperature as well as usual.

Water helps fuel your muscles, so drinking before, during and after exercise will boost your energy levels, and may help to prevent cramp.

  1. Hydration Before You Exercise

It may not cross your mind, but making sure you’re well hydrated before you exercise is really important, especially in hot conditions.

If you’re dehydrated before you start exercising:

  • your core temperature will rise faster
  • your heart will have to work harder than usual

This will affect your performance and can even lead to heat stroke. Drinking enough will help you get the most out of your exercise session and feel good while you’re doing it.

  1. Hydration During Exercise

It’s important to drink water during a workout so make sure you take a portable water bottle with you to the gym or on a run. Being dehydrated can affect your energy levels – you won’t be able to work as hard if you haven’t drunk enough fluid. Drinking little and often rather than a lot less often will give you the best chance of hitting your exercise targets.

  1. Hydration After Exercise

Once all the hard work is over, no doubt you’ll be ready for something to drink. Not only will this be refreshing, but it will also restore your fluid levels and help your muscles to recover. The sooner you start to replace the fluid, the sooner you’ll recover.

The Benefits of Being Well Hydrated:

  1. Hydration gives your body the energy and water it needs to function effectively. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water when you’re in the exercise zone but it’s important that your body gets enough water while it is working out. Otherwise you could suffer from dehydration symptoms such as: Sleepiness or fatigue, extreme thirst, headache, confusion, dizziness or light-headedness.
  2. You can suffer from heat stroke if you do not drink enough water while exercising. Hydration will prevent heat stroke and helps to regulate your body temperature.
  3. Effective hydration keeps you healthy by preventing illness and flushing out toxins! In order for your kidneys to function properly and removing waste from your body naturally, you need to be hydrated. Water transports nutrients and compounds in blood, regulates your body temperature, gets rid of waste, and lubricates and cushions joints.

Moreover, if your body is properly hydrated it will restore nutrients quicker, consequently preventing illnesses. This is especially important currently as Covid-19 cases are still very much present around the world, it is best to keep your body as healthy and fighting fit as possible!

  1. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, energy levels, cognition, and mood. Therefore to improve your mental and physical health it is clear that you need to be hydrated!

ZeroWater’s Best Tip to Stay Hydrated while Exercising!
Invest in a Portable Water Filter Bottle!

We realise it isn’t easy to drink the 2 litres of water you need to consume a day to ensure your body has enough water to perform effectively both mentally and physically.  Yet, if you follow our top tips on how to stay hydrated, you too can reap the manifold health benefits of hydration.

This is especially crucial as many of us will be drinking alcohol at the recently reopened pubs and restaurants. Alcohol actively dehydrated you therefore you need to ensure you are drinking enough water alongside your alcoholic beverages in order to stay hydrated and healthy.

Therefore to ensure your hydration and your families health post lockdown, we recommend you invest in a ZeroWater filter. You can choose from the wide variety of styles, from portable bottles to jug filters we are here to keep you fighting fit and hydrated!

Our 5 stage portable water filter bottle is the perfect solution to ensure you stay hydrated while exercising this summer!

Detox your body

Why should I invest in a ZeroWater Portable Water Filter Bottle?

At ZeroWater we have created the most advanced, affordable and portable water filters on the market! All to make sure that you can be your optimal, healthy and hydrated self while exercising.

  • This water filter is so handy and portable that you can take it to the gym, on a run or just drink from it around the house.
  • You are more likely to be more hydrated if you have a water filter as your water will be purer tasting. Therefore you will be more likely to drink more water and consequently be well hydrated.
  • You will save money and help save the planet by refilling your portable water filter bottle instead of constantly forking out for single use plastic water bottles on the go.
  • Our 5 stage filter system is guaranteed to outperform any other simplistic 2 stage filter on the market such as Brita filters. So you get the most for your money with ZeroWater filters!

Hydration is Crucial when Exercising Post Lockdown! - Zerowater's portable solution is a must have.

2 stage filters only contain Activated Carbon and Ion Exchange Resin, while our filters contain 3 other stages (a Coarse Filter Screen, a Foam Distributor and a Ultra-fine screen & non-woven membrane layers).

This means that these 2 stage filters only remove around half of all the dissolved solids in your water and therefore the taste will not be as pure as what ZeroWater filters can provide. You can read our previous article for a detailed explanation on how our Premium 5 Stage Ion Exchange water filters work!

When tested in accordance with the NSF’s protocol based on a 40 gallon filtration (double the rated usage), ZeroWater reduces 97% of Lead and 99.9% of Chromium from tap water. They are also third party tested to reduce 96% of Mercury, 93% of Arsenic and 99% of Copper, among many other contaminants!

ZeroWater is here to ensure that you are well hydrated while exercising with our portable water filter bottle!

Wave Goodbye to Unhealthy Lockdown Habits and Hello to Hydration and Health with ZeroWater this Summer.